Introducing PaySure by Tanda
Episode #2 analyses the Fair Work Five, top causes of employee underpayment

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Connect your payroll system, HR platform, calendar, and other compatible tools with Tanda to cut down administrative hours in managing your workforce.

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Streamline and manage your business in minutes with Xero and Tanda. Save time, eliminate double data entry and reduce payroll stress with 1 click timesheet exports.


Fuse the power of Tanda and Lightspeed to strengthen your reporting and grow your business. Import and combine sales data with your rosters to match your business needs.


Tanda and MYOB are streamlining workforce management and payroll processes into one powerful solution to eliminate data entry and payroll error.

Sage MicrOpay

Export staff timesheets and leave requests into your payroll system in minutes to eliminate manual data entry and clerical errors.


Aurion HR & Payroll Software is designed to make work life easy helping hundreds of organisations drive efficiency and productivity every day.


Tanda API taps into your Redcat sales data to build a Predictive Workforce™ model to create rosters that reflect exactly how many staff you need at any time.


unleash the full potential of your non-desk workforces with WorkJam. Built for the complexities of your business.


Cubiko’s extensive, beautiful data visualisation helps your practice prioritise tasks, improve processes, and grow profits much more easily. Combine your existing labour and attendance data in Tanda with practice data all in Cubiko.


ELMO Software allows you to streamline complex processes within one single unified cloud-based platform using a single dashboard and user interface.


etrainu is a leader in online training and business solutions, delivering eLearning through our centralised Learning Management System.


Import timesheets directly into Attache from Tanda to save time, eliminate data entry and streamline payroll processes.


Quickly and cost-effectively matches and pinpoints only those applicants with the right skills, attitudes and cultural fit.


Import live sales reports directly from Impos into Tanda to make smarter, more tailored rostering decisions.


Kidsoft is a cloud-based CCMS solution, simplifying operations, CCS compliance, processing subsidies and creating efficiencies.


Tanda exports accurate award-interpreted timesheets via a compatible flat file and integrates directly with your iChris payroll system.


H&L and Tanda are helping businesses in the Hospitality, Hotels and Pubs, Liquor industries to track their sales and better roster their staff.


OrderMate provides Point of Sale and other digital solutions to the Hospitality Industry. Connect OrderMate with Tanda to integrate your sales and transaction data. Stay efficient by utilising live insights and build smarter, more efficient rosters.


Designed to analyze your sales data and predict your staff schedule, Tanda can connect with your Square POS for simple and efficient workflow management.


Run your pharmacy better with Minfos, an all-in-one management software. Integrate it with Tanda to give you more time for focusing work on better productivity.


Easily integrate Tanda with your SwiftPOS transactional data via our API and build smarter, more efficient rosters through Tanda's Predictive Workforce™ solution.


Connect your Bepoz sales and transaction data via the Tanda API and build smarter, more efficient rosters through Tanda’s Predictive Workforce™ solution.


Export award interpreted timesheets and leave directly from Tanda into HR3 to save time and eliminate the complex calculations.


Connect Tanda with TriniTEQ and increase efficiency, decrease errors in pay runs, and ensure that you stay compliant.


Datacom’s payroll software is for all types and sizes of businesses, just like Tanda. Link your Datacom payroll account with Tanda and sit easy when paying your people.

King Street Computers

Export your Tanda award-interpreted timesheets via a compatible flat file directly to your King Street Computers payroll system for accurate and efficient payroll processing.


Keypay is powerful cloud payroll for Australian employers, bookkeepers and accountants to streamline pay runs and save you time.

Intuit QuickBooks

Import staff details from QuickBooks (online) into Tanda to begin scheduling and managing your staff. Export timesheets from Tanda into QuickBooks (online & desktop) to simplify payroll processing.


Comprehensive online payroll solution in Asia for your CPF filings, tax declaration and salary payments.


Built for the complex Australian environment, Visipay is working alongside Tanda to make it easier for businesses to export pre-calculated timesheets and leave requests directly into payroll.

Sage WageEasy

Integrating WageEasy and Tanda streamlines administrative processes for importing staff details, and exporting Award Interpreted timesheets.

Sage 50

Integrate Tanda with your Sage50 payroll system via a compatible flat file to easily export award-interpreted timesheets to your payroll.


Export award-interpreted timesheets from Tanda directly into Reckon Accounts Desktop and Reckon Accounts Hosted to reduce time and errors processing your payroll.


Export timesheets and leave requests from Tanda directly into ADP to increase payroll and business efficiencies.


Tanda integrates seamlessly with Ascender to export wage rate calculated timesheets and export leave in seconds.


FlareHR enables you to simplify and streamline your payroll through a cloud-based real-time payroll solution that calculates and files each time a change is made to your employees.


Import staff from CloudPayroll into Tanda to save time on manual double data entry, to ease the payroll headache and make it easy to pay staff correctly for the hours they work.


Upload award-interpreted timesheets directly from Tanda into your iPayroll system via a compatible flat file for faster and more accurate payroll processing.


Working exclusively in the Club, Hotel and Hospitality industry, Starrtec exports POS data directly into Tanda, to make it easier to make smarter decisions tailored to your business’ needs.

Oracle Micros

Upload sales figures from Micros directly into Tanda to view POS and workforce management data in one place.


Idealpos is exactly that, an ideal Point of Sale solution for your business. When used in conjunction with Tanda, the insights and value provided just increase its appeal.

Retail Express

Combine Retail Express and Tanda to maximise your efficiency and manage your costs. Incorporate POS data to build rosters, track your sales, and save time.


Stay efficient by connecting your Vend POS to Tanda. Visualise your operations, utilise live insights and create rosters ahead of time with Vend and Tanda.


NCR Aloha POS is a solution specifically designed for restaurants. Integrate your Tanda system to NCR Aloha to streamline payments, get accurate sales reports, and create shift schedules.

Revel Systems

Tanda taps into your revel sales data to build a predictive workforce™ model. Based on this model, Tanda will create schedules to predict exactly how many staff you need, for any part of your business, at any time.


Combine Tanda with Abacus’ powerful suite of solutions to create a centralised and streamlined workforce management experience. Generate detailed reports and insights that help you make informed decisions to reach your business aspirations.
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