Live Insights

Live Insights

Tanda’s Live Insights gives you quick access to key business indicators. View demand and labour costs and compare with historical results. Compare different venues and understand the strengths and weaknesses of your business.

Instant Statistics

Gain access to high-quality data across multiple locations, divisions, and costings. Visually identify key trends by switching between dashboard and roster views, and get a clear understanding of your business.

Live demand tracking

See exactly how sales are tracking throughout the day. Compare with previous days or special events. Include labour costs and split statistics by location. Get a comprehensive insight into your business.

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Import straight from your POS System

Cut tedious waits for data to be collated and analysed in spreadsheets. Connect with over a dozen supported Point of Sale integrations, and start streaming insights instantly. Learn key information about your business directly from the Tanda App.

Choose metrics that matter

Choose the metrics you want to see and have them available all day, every day. Whether you want to track wage cost, staff count, wage percentage of your revenue, or sales per labour hour, live insights covers the information that matters to you.

Use your revenue data and product demand to plan for efficient use of resources and staff. Make important decisions without having to manually collect feedback from the frontlines.

Perfect for multi-site businesses

Manage multiple venues from wherever you are. Tanda's live insights feature is cloud-based, allowing global access for businesses with multiple locations. View live insights by location and gain an intimate understanding of the different arms of your business.

Trusted by businesses great and small

Happy partners of Tanda

Large businesses onboarded and loving life with Tanda.

“I certainly recommend Tanda, it has created a far more professional and thorough system for myself and my management team.”
Paul Mondo
Bimbi Day Care
“Tanda is the most user friendly out of all the platforms we’ve reviewed.”
Ebony Harty
Betty's Burgers
Using the platform, each manager would have saved about 2-3 hours a week. So the wage costs have dropped substantially as well.
Natasha Laidler
MyHealth Medical Group

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