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Retail Express

Combine Retail Express and Tanda to maximise your efficiency and manage your costs. Incorporate POS data to build rosters, track your sales, and save time.


Retail Express delivers market leading cloud-based POS and Inventory Management software, designed specifically to reduce costs, improve efficiency and grow sales. Our comprehensive POS system includes the full spectrum of functionality including inventory management, integrated webstore, loyalty program, marketing, business intelligence and logistics.


Tanda works closely with Retail Express to track sales so you can monitor your business no matter where you are.


Know how much your roster will cost you, before staff arrive for work. Easily pull sales data from Retail Express into Tanda, so you can track your business costs as you build your roster.


Integrate your time and attendance process with Tanda to save time, but automating your rostering ensuring that staff always know when they’re working.

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