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Streamline and manage your business in minutes with Xero and Tanda. Save time, eliminate double data entry and reduce payroll stress with 1 click timesheet exports.


Connect Tanda and Xero for a beautiful accounting and payroll experience

Integrating Tanda with Xero is one of the most cohesive best of breed payroll strategies on the market. By connecting the two systems together, users can export their award interpreted timesheets directly to payroll including all the correct pay items, allowances and rates. This process allows you to effectively skip the entire timesheeting process so you can get straight to your pay run.


Tanda Xero Integration


Additionally, the Tanda and Xero integration comes stacked with extra features to get you paying your staff as effortlessly as possible.


Syncing Tanda with Xero allows your new hires to be onboarded directly into Xero using Tanda’s Paperless onboarding.

Just enter your new employee’s name and email, Tanda will collect the rest, including TFN and superannuation details. All the relevant information is then synced directly to Xero, removing the need for any manual data entry.

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