About Us

We’re different because we solve the hard problems. We believe that listening to our customers and providing exceptional genuine customer service is the only way to ensure that we be, build and deliver the best.

Like your business, our biggest asset is our people and only through a quality team can we focus on our mission; changing the world, one timesheet at a time.

The Team

Tanda Board Advisor, John Puttick

John Puttick

Board Advisor

With over 40 years of experience in the Information Technology industry, Mr Puttick is a Founder and Former Chairman of Global Banking and Securities Transactions (GBST). Currently serving as Board Advisor for Tanda, Mr Puttick provides strategic oversight to Tanda's long term vision.

Tanda Co-founder, Alex Ghiculescu Co-founder
Alex Ghiculescu

Alex manages Tanda's product development from conception to today's market leading position.

Tanda Co-founder, Jake Phillpot Co-founder
Jake Phillpot

Jake manages Tanda's end-to-end customer journey and market growth.

Tanda Co-founder, Josh Cameron Co-founder
Josh Cameron

Josh is responsible for developing new commercial strategies to grow Tanda's footprint.

Tanda Co-founder, Tasmin Trezise Co-founder
Tasmin Trezise

Tasmin leads Tanda's strategy development and growth into new markets and opportunities.

Built with passion

Manual timesheets, excel rosters, overwhelming payroll, and too much paper?

We started Tanda out of a frustration in our own business to solve these common, complex headaches and have quickly become industry leaders in workforce management.

For us, nothing is more exciting than seeing our clients grow their business and focus on what they do best.

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