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Gain greater visibility and control with Tanda’s Leave Management Software. Approve and decline leave on the go, configure time off in lieu for staff, and roster around your team’s unavailability.

leave management software

Digital Leave Management

Use Tanda to view and approve pending leave requests with all the details you need in one place. Our intuitive system updates your roster and timesheets with new requests, making it easy for you to track leave and unavailability.

Manage leave requests from anywhere

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Custom events and blackout periods

Add custom events to your roster, and discourage or block your staff from taking leave during your business’ peak period, sporting events, or seasonal holidays.

Use Tanda's Leave Management Software Plan in advance and make sure your staff are available.

View leave breakdown​

Zoom in on the details of individual leave requests in Tanda's Leave Management Software. Let managers view and edit the hours allocated to each day of an employee’s pending leave request, including start and end times. Ensure that staff's leave requests are filed accurately and paid correctly.

Team Leave Planner

Never get caught under-staffed again with Tanda’s team leave planner.  With a birds-eye view of the entire roster calendar, managers can use a visual calendar to add and edit leave requests. Keep across which team members are currently unable to work and who can cover a shift.


Tanda’s leave functionality and complex award engine can simplify the process behind applying for and approving  time off in lieu.

With timeclocks recording employee time and attendance to the minute, know exactly how much time you owe employees, and manage the entire process in the Tanda app.

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“I certainly recommend Tanda, it has created a far more professional and thorough system for myself and my management team.”
Paul Mondo
Bimbi Day Care
“Tanda is the most user friendly out of all the platforms we’ve reviewed.”
Ebony Harty
Betty's Burgers
Using the platform, each manager would have saved about 2-3 hours a week. So the wage costs have dropped substantially as well.
Natasha Laidler
MyHealth Medical Group

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Frequently asked questions

Leave Management Software Australia. Choosing the right absence and leave management software is essential for any organization, as it can help automate and streamline the process of managing employee leave and absences. Here are some factors to consider when choosing an absence and Leave Management Software Australia software:

  1. User-friendliness: The software should be easy to use, with a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy to manage employee leave and absences.

  2. Customisation: The software should be flexible enough to allow customization to fit your organization’s specific needs and policies.

  3. Integration: Look for Leave Management Software Australia software that can integrate with your existing HR and payroll systems to avoid duplication of data entry.

  4. Reporting: The Leave Management Software Australia should be able to provide you with detailed reports on employee leave and absences, which can help you make informed decisions about workforce planning.

  5. Compliance: Ensure that Leave Management Software Australia is compliant with relevant laws and regulations governing employee leave and absences in your region.

  6. Security: The software should have robust security features to protect employee data from unauthorized access.

  7. Support and Training: Consider the availability of customer support and training resources to help you and your employees get the most out of the software.

  8. Cost: Finally, evaluate the cost of the software, including any ongoing fees or charges, and compare it with other similar software available in the market to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money.

By considering these factors, you can choose the absence and leave management software Australia that best suits your organization’s needs and helps you manage employee leave and absences efficiently.

A good leave management system should have the following features:

  1. User-Friendly Interface: The leave management system should be easy to use and navigate for both employees and managers.

  2. Automated Processes: The leave management system should automate the process of applying for and approving leaves. This will reduce errors, save time, and increase efficiency.

  3. Customization: The leave management system should allow for customization of leave types, leave policies, and approval workflows to suit the needs of the organization.

  4. Integration: The leave management system should be able to integrate with other HR systems such as payroll, attendance, and performance management.

  5. Accessibility: The leave management system should be accessible to employees and managers from anywhere at any time.

  6. Notifications: The leave management system should send notifications to employees and managers regarding leave applications, approvals, and rejections.

  7. Reports and Analytics: The leave management system should provide reports and analytics on leave data such as leave balances, utilization, and trends.

  8. Security: The leave management system should be secure and protect the privacy of employee data.

  9. Mobile Support: The leave management system should have mobile support to allow for leave applications and approvals on-the-go

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