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Now available through Tanda, a proven way to improve time to hire and reduce attrition for casual staff. As the cost of living keeps increasing, there's never been a more important time for businesses to provide financial wellbeing support. Wagestream is a charity-backed financial wellbeing platform that can be instantly switched on for businesses using Tanda.


Our social charter

At the heart of Wagestream is our social charter – everything we do and every product we create is designed to improve the financial wellbeing of people in work.

It’s this mission and common vision that won the support of our founding backers Joseph Rowntree, Barrow Cadbury Trust and Big Society Capital. And it’s a mission that will continue to guide our company in the future.

Our aims

No one should have to pay unnecessary interest.

Everyone should have savings for a rainy day.

All financial goals should be achievable.

Flexible pay

Give your employees access to a percentage of their pay as they earn it, so they can budget better and cover emergency expenses.

How Flexible pay builds financial wellbeing

Reduces reliance on high cost credit

Seven in 10 workers regularly face financial shortfalls. When these shortfalls occur they’re forced to borrow and pay interest. By accessing their earned, but previously unpaid wages, employees can significantly reduce the amount of interest they pay.

Builds budgets around life rather than pay

Having the flexibility to align income and expenses means that employees are able to budget in the way that best suits them, rather than working to their employer’s pay cycle. This freedom removes the financial stress that employees face by putting them in control.

Smooths out fluctuations in earnings

Fluctuations in earnings can impact the financial health of hourly-paid employees by reducing their ability to plan ahead. Having the ability to pick up an extra shift and then access that money instantly provides a way for employees to ensure their cash flow stays positive.

How Flexible pay works

  • Withdrawal limits are set to prevent overspending and help employees stay within budget.

  • Earnings can be withdrawn whenever they’re needed and should hit bank accounts instantly.

  • Each withdrawal is able to be categorised so that employees can keep track of what they’re using Flexible pay for.

  • Depending on the arrangement with an employer, a flat fee of $2.49 may be charged when a withdrawal takes place so there’s no ongoing interest snowballing over time.

  • Withdrawals are automatically deducted from pay like other deductions such as student loans.

With Tanda – Wagestream knows how much time has been worked by your employees – so knows how much they can withdraw.

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