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Access MicrOpay

Export staff timesheets and leave requests into your payroll system in minutes to eliminate manual data entry and clerical errors.


Cut down on administrative burden with Tanda and Access MicrOpay. Export accurately costed, award compliant timesheets directly from Tanda to your Access MicrOpay account.

Perfect pay-runs every time

Integrating Tanda and Access MicrOpay makes paying staff a breeze. Approve your employee’s timesheets and watch them sync directly to your payroll system.

Integrated employee onboarding

Onboard your new hires with Tanda’s onboarding and send all their details straight to payroll, eliminating errors and dramatically reducing time spent onboarding new hires.

Track employee leave

Sync your employees leave balance directly from Access MicrOpay to Tanda’s mobile app, allowing staff to accurately track leave accrual and avoid negative leave balances.

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