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OrderMate provides Point of Sale solutions to the Hospitality Industry. Connect OrderMate with Tanda to integrate your sales and transaction data. Stay efficient by utilising live insights and build smarter, more efficient rosters.


Seamless integration of sales data  

Tanda automatically sync’s sales data from OrderMate POS so that venue operators can easily view their business vitals in Tanda without spending time viewing reports manually.  

Strategically manage employee rosters 

Know exactly the right amount of staff to roster based on your sales data. OrderMate and Tanda optimally work together to manage wage costs, building smarter staff rosters and ensure that customers receive the best experience in the venue. 

Improve efficiency  

OrderMate and Tanda’s integration features increases profitability and efficiency with the functionality of attendance, on boarding management, predictive workflow, labour costs and pay roll. 

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