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Easily integrate Tanda with your SwiftPOS transactional data via our API and build smarter, more efficient rosters through Tanda's Predictive Workforce™ solution.


SwiftPOS is a premier enterprise point of sale solution with unrivalled integration capabilities. It is the ideal solution for managing a diverse portfolio in the cloud, with industry-leading offline capabilities to ensure trade continuity. Our highly adaptable and lighting fast solution is designed for large venues in the hospitality, sports, retail, and events industries.

Why is SwiftPOS the right solution for your venue?


  • Enterprise Architecture: Built to run multi-venue enterprises off a single database. Deliver substantial efficiency benefits by removing the need to replicate products, promotions, users, advertising.
  • System Redundancy: SwiftPOS works completely offline from the database server, eliminating the risk of not being able to trade if the internet or your local network fails.
  • Unrivalled Integrations: SwiftPOS integrates with hundreds of leading 3rd party providers – giving our venues choice, enhancing our platform and placing you at the forefront of emerging technology.
  • Multi-Service Styles: Designed to meet the needs of modern venue – catering outlets, function areas, suites, plus advanced & event day orders, all-in-one devices, kiosks and more.
  • Proven Experience: 26 Years and 26,000+ terminals installed, SwiftPOS has strong industry experience providing reliable POS systems solutions.
  • Sophisticated Loyalty, Promotions & Marketing: Deliver automated guest engagement strategies with our sophisticated time, date, and location rules.

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