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Tenzo is an analytics and sales forecasting platform for hospitality. It integrates with Tanda, your POS system, and inventory management platform to bring all your data together in one app and send actionable insights to the right person at the right time on desktop or mobile.


Tenzo is powerful Restaurant PerformanceOps in the palm of your hand. 

Tenzo connects the data from all your tech, in real time. From point-of-sale systems to inventory and labour scheduling, and even the data you don’t own, like weather, review sites and local event listings. 

Allowing restaurant operators, from Ops to GM, from Founders to Finance, to power up their restaurant’s performance. Enabling better communication and collaboration between your team members, getting everyone on the same page with a single reporting language, all based on unrivalled analytics and insights.

Think of Tenzo as your very own restaurant advisor. Helping to predict sales, measuring performance against KPIs and telling you exactly what that means for labour and inventory. Tenzo removes the guesswork, so you won’t be understaffed or overstaffed, and you can say goodbye to food wastage. You won’t have to base decisions on gut instinct alone, Tenzo can help you make data-led decisions so you can be confident that you’re making the right choice.

Tenzo’s always on hand to offer advice and guidance so that you can hit your targets. Powering up your restaurant, improving performance, all the time. 

Letting you focus on more important things, like making your restaurant the happy place they are supposed to be. Helping your restaurant shift from surviving to thriving. 

Happier teams. Happier customers. Happier restaurant. Happier planet.

Tenzo & Tanda

Tenzo integrates with Tanda, your POS system, and inventory systems, allowing users to view all of their data in one place: a beautifully designed analytics platform. Your data is updated in real-time so decisions can be made on the fly. You have access to lightning-fast reporting and clear, actionable insights are laid out before you. 

Tenzo’s easy-to-understand interface gives you access to metrics that analyse sales, labour, employee performance and inventory in just one click. This allows you to eliminate the time you spend on tedious report pulling, excel-sheet wrangling, graph fiddling, and file attaching.

Not only can Tenzo aggregate all your data for analysis, but it also uses machine learning to more accurately forecast your future sales, taking into account variables such as weather, holidays and custom events. More accurate forecasting allows you to optimize your labour schedule and order exactly the inventory you need, eliminating overstaffing, understaffing, and food waste.

Take control of your reviews with our social module which allows you to quickly respond to feedback coming from Google Places, Facebook and other platforms. Never get caught out and make changes as soon as problems arise thanks to reviews notifications pushed straight to your mobile. 

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