The world’s most comprehensive staffing tool.

Rosters makes sure you've got the right person, in the right place, at the right time. With powerful customisation, you can see the big picture and make more accurate, data-driven decisions.

The result: less admin, more ambition.

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Roster the way that makes sense for your business.

Whether you roster fortnightly, calculate overtime monthly, weekly view can be restrictive. Rosters lets you see the big picture as far ahead as a month. That way, you won’t miss a single thing.

Cleaner look. Re-engineered back-end processes. Complex roster patterns. All-new, powerful reporting view.

The result: faster loading times, faster publishing, and more time for everything else.

Not just groundbreaking, trailblazing.

We built Rosters from the ground up. On the surface it’s familiar but under the hood, it sets a new bar for what rostering can achieve.

Information wherever you click.

Rosters displays rich, contextual information when you click on staff names, dates, or shifts.

Roster Patterns

For 24/7 industries, roster patterns provide round-the-clock rostering. Apply it to an employee, or an entire team. Offset days easily per staff member.

Roster Templates

For rosters that stay fairly consistent over time, create it once as a template. Whether it’s a weekly or a monthly roster, It takes less than 5 clicks to apply it.

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All businesses are different. So are rosters.

Customise roster views based on your unique requirements.

Select your view option:

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  • Bradley Smith

  • Macie Todd

  • Luis Michaels

  • Anderson Hill

  • Eric Harris




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Reporting reinvented

From weekly wage costs to hours per employee per month, identify meaningful trends with the all-new, second-generation reporting suite. Create sophisticated reports with its easy-to-understand interface. And, just like rosters, reporting is lightning fast.

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The Tanda App.
Workforce management, wherever you are.

Tanda’s most powerful features at the palm of your hand. Manage your team away from the desk as effectively as you'd do behind it.

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