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Tanda’s all-in-one solution is designed for retail businesses to roster and pay staff quicker and more accurately than ever before.

Automate compliance with Retail Award rules and optimise your roster with Tanda.

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Tanda’s all-in-one solution brings onboarding, rostering, timesheets, and payroll into a single system. Remove moving parts from your system,  harmonise processes, and reduce the time it takes to pay staff.

Remove syncing issues entirely with one employee record across your entire system. With one set of pay rules, the risk of double-handling payroll data is eliminated, helping you pay staff accurately, everytime.

Automate compliance with consecutive days off rules

The Retail Award requires employees to be given two consecutive days off for every six days worked, and have 10-hour breaks between shifts. 

Tanda’s timesheet feature automates compliance with GRIA conditions. Automatically flag overtime and qualifications risks. Set maximum hours and days for the week.

Choose to be warned or block publishing entirely if you violate the consecutive days off rule. For a full list of GRIA rules Tanda automates, see our help guide.

Qualification management

Use Tanda’s qualification management to ensure qualified people are assigned to shifts. Create, upload and manage your unique qualification system.

Use qualification management for compliance with typical retail issues. Be alerted when student visas are due to expire. Require staff to have RSA qualifications when serving alcohol.


Document Storage

Utilise Tanda Operations

Tanda’s all-in-one package includes operations software containing audits, checklists, and asset management. 

Retail businesses use checklists to ensure procedures are followed accurately by staff. Enforce standards right across your workforce and keep track of inventory. 

Tanda asset management allows you to control the way specific assets are used across your business. Check out assets to employees, manage offboarding, and schedule maintenance. 

Retail clients of Tanda

“With the complicated laws in Australia. It’s great to be able to just rely on Tanda. It has cut the time to process payroll in half.”
Simone Mann
Champion's IGA
“It has just freed up so much time for my leaders to be able to actually focus on the projects that make us money and are better for the business, rather than sitting there putting excel spreadsheets together, trying to figure out what labour is gonna cost”
Chris Tankard
Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse
"Being able to see any roster in the system, any franchisee, we can see that a wage percent is too high in one store or too low in another. We can easily fix that."
Shane Ward
The Cheesecake Shop

Everything you need, all in one platform

Seamlessly handle everything from onboarding new hires to rostering your staff & paying them correctly, all in one platform.

  • Rostering and attendance

    Create rosters with ease. Build rosters to match customer demand with Tanda. See staff availability as you go, save templates, and set targets and roster costs to make sure you never go over budget.

  • Onboard new hires with one click. Let us take care of the paperwork. Tanda automates new hire onboarding, lodges details directly with the ATO, and collects super choice forms digitally, so you can skip the admin.

  • Make award interpretation quick & easy. Tanda was built to handle the complex requirements of Australian payroll. Base rates, overtime, allowances, higher duties. It's all taken care of by our in-house compliance team.

Employee Onboarding

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