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Mercu is the AI assistant for growth-focused frontline workforces. Automate your hiring. Scale your onboarding, and make knowledge and tools available to your employees. Instantly.


High employee turnover rates aren’t a passing trend.

They’re a persistent reality that impacts all facets of your business.

The relentless cycle of hiring and training new staff is resource-intensive and constantly disrupts your operations.

More worryingly, productivity and skill levels become inconsistent across your workforce, decreasing service quality and customer satisfaction.

Ultimately, trying to keep up with turnover proves near impossible without further complications and huge cost blow outs.

Mercu is the AI-assistant for growth-focused workforces.

It gives you the practical tools to help you negotiate the constant “staff shuffle” and scale smartly, minus the mounting costs & effort.

With Mercu, you can:

Automate your hiring.

Scale your onboarding.

Give your employees the knowledge and tools to instantly get to grips with their jobs and hit the ground running.

Keep things running smoothly, even when staff come and go with Mercu.

Create Operational Efficiencies using AI & Automation

Streamline the production of training materials with AI-assisted content creation from your document library.

Automate the delivery sequence of campaigns to staff, helping to scale onboarding, training and engagement.

Gain insight with real-time analytics and reporting.

Employee productivity & engagement

Ensure accessibility and quick adoption by delivering campaigns on familiar chat-apps like iMessage and Whatsapp.

Increase staff productivity by providing instant access to important information, knowledge & tools using the AI-assistant.

Boost employee engagement and compliance with interactive, chat-based training programs and feedback tools.

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