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Beam is a payment solution that uses the latest technology to process superannuation contributions. Beam's partnership with Tanda Payroll gives users an integrated option to process superannuation payments.


Beam is a Superannuation Clearing House owned by Australian Retirement Trust. 

After many years of processing super contributions, ART built Beam to simplify superannuation contributions for Australian businesses, with more features and better visibility of transactions.

Beam removes third-party portals and file uploads, allowing users to handle super contributions in their payroll software.

All employees have their super paid in a single batch with Beam, speeding up the process of paying contributions. Users are alerted of any errors before submitting.

Users can also access an array of digital services, including multiple payment methods, digital onboarding, and validation.

Beam’s integrations also simplify STP reporting.

Beam & Tanda


Beam works with payroll software providers like Tanda so employers can manage their super obligations all in one platform.

Beam aligns with Tanda’s vision of removing employment friction, and integrates with our all-in-one Workforce Management System.

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