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Tanda is the most advanced all-in-one tool available for managing shift and hourly employees in Australia.

Workforce users optimise onboarding, rostering, and timesheets to reduce admin and stay compliant.

Reduce compliance risk

Instantly create efficient rosters that are compliant with Fair Work rules.

Improve roster efficiency

Use Tanda’s data-driven rosters to optimise demand and reduce labour costs.

Eliminate timesheet errors.

Tanda interprets electronic time and attendance data to create accurate timesheets.

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Frequently asked questions

Workforce management software helps organisations optimise the performance and utilisation of their employees. It provides tools for managing staff rostering, time and attendance tracking and payroll processing. In addition to helping businesses reduce costs and increase efficiency, workforce management software can help improve employee productivity and morale.

There are several different types of workforce management software available, including applications for rostering, time and attendance tracking, payroll processing and performance management. Depending on the software you use, these features may be included, or integrate with other software providers.

Tanda covers the employee journey from onboarding through to exporting your data to a payroll system of your choice. This includes all onboarding activities, like super and tax declarations, as well as rostering, award interpretation and timesheets. If you’d like a full explanation of our service offering, please get in touch.

One of the main benefits of workforce management software is that it can help businesses reduce costs. This is particularly true for organizations with large and/or geographically dispersed workforces. By automating many of the manual processes associated with staff scheduling, timekeeping, attendance tracking and payroll processing, businesses can streamline their operations and improve efficiency.

Workforce management software enables businesses to roster and manage their employees more effectively. It provides tools for creating rosters, tracking leave, managing overtime hours, monitoring staff absences and exporting to payroll. Workforce management software also allows managers to monitor employee performance metrics such as sales or customer service metrics. By providing real-time data on employee performance, workforce management software empowers managers to make better decisions about resource allocation and staffing.

Organisations in any industry can benefit from using workforce management software. Some of the businesses that typically use these applications include manufacturing, retail, hospitality and healthcare organisations. However, they are also commonly used by educational institutions, government agencies and nonprofits. Regardless of the type of business or industry in which you operate, if you have employees who work shifts, then workforce management software can help you optimise your operations.

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