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Cubiko’s extensive, beautiful data visualisation helps your practice prioritise tasks, improve processes, and grow profits much more easily.


Combine Practice Data with Workforce Data

Cubiko integrates with Tanda to pull in key workforce metrics such as labour and attendance data. Cubiko then visualises these data points with data from your practice management system, your payroll system or other data points. Use Cubiko and Tanda to help manage your practice, empower practice managers and help practice owners build revenue and profit.

Tanda integrates seamlessly with Cubiko

Integrating Tanda and Cubiko gives you greater insight into your medical practice, allowing you to visualise your cost centres and operations in a variety of ways, sharing and translating disparate data into meaningful insights about your practice.

Doctor to Nurse ratios – Control your staff expenses by knowing when people should be rostered.

Doctor to Receptionist ratios – Ensure you’ve got the front desk support you need

To get started with Cubiko & Tanda and gain valuable insight into your operations today.

Wages as a % of billings – Helps you manage tight margins

Real-time wage cost optimisation – Our comprehensive award interpreter can accurately calculate wage costs to the minute and sends it to Cubiko.

Cloud-based insights – Revenue per hour, appointments per hour, labour utilisation. Now all at your fingertips.


Get started with Cubiko & Tanda, and gain actionable insights into your practice.

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