Award Interpretation

A complete award interpretation calculator, engineered for compliance

Our industry leading award engine can automate your wage calculations, whether you’re on one of our built-in award templates or have a custom EBA

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Industry Award Interpretation

Trusted Workforce Compliance with Tanda’s Award Interpretation

Tanda’s award engine can automate compliant rostering and payroll for any business, including base rates, overtime, allowances, and higher duties

base rates calculator

Base rates

All managed awards have built-in base rates that sync with payroll and update on staff birthdays or when Australian Fair Work mandates change

Automatic Award Allowances


Automatic allowances apply to shifts that match specific criteria to ensure they’re never missed

Higher Duties Calculations

Higher Duties

Tanda’s award interpretation calculates higher duty rates and allows you to easily allocate them to selected timesheets

Automatic Fair Work Interpretation

Automatic Fair Work Updates

Ensure compliance with automatic updates. Tanda’s managed awards automatically update with every Fair Work change. Receive summaries of all changes so that you’re always up to date with the latest award rules.

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Award Interpretation Setup

One-click Setup

Get it up and running in seconds. Select your award, and Tanda will automatically create and maintain the relevant pay items and base rates in your payroll system to ensure staff are always paid accurately.

Workforce Compliant Award Interpretation

Workforce Compliant

Understand where you’re spending money with detailed breakdowns of award rules, the rates that have been applied, and the conditions that triggered them for complete oversight into staff wages.


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Thousands of people across the globe use, and recommend, Tanda

"The award rules for timesheet approval simplify the process even further, and a simple export direct into Xero saves hours."

Samuel Haans,

Boost Juice

“Give Tanda a go, and watch very quickly how much more control and how much more understanding you have of your business - and you’ll look back and you’ll go, 'why was I doing it any other way?'”

Adrian Rosato,

Director of rawGroup Hospitality

"Tanda will be an essential tool for us moving forward as it will scale effortlessly."

Andres Shub,

Chief Operating Officer at Mon Purse and Tanda Client

Automate your wage calculation today

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Allens Award Interpretation Case Study
How Allens law firm uses Tanda’s Award Engine

See how leading Industrial Relations law firm Allens utilise Tanda's Award Calculator

Timesheets Payroll Integration
Payroll Integrations

Directly sync award rules and base rates with your existing payroll so you can effortlessly process pay runs