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Tanda’s software helps Australian pharmacies roster their staff to meet demand and pay them correctly. 

Businesses that use Tanda avoid complicated payroll complications and stay compliant with Australian workplace law.

Trusted by Australia's leading Pharmacy Businesses

Let go of the administrative burden

Tanda eases the burden of administrative work so you can focus more on growing your pharmacy.

Let us handle pay compliance

Never worry about paying your staff correctly again. Tanda’s market-leading Award interpreter automates wage calculations, including base rates, overtime, allowances, and higher duties. 

Hassle-free rostering and shift swapping

Tanda’s rosters feature allows you to create a perfect roster in minutes. Visualised data gives a heads-up view of the weeks ahead, seeing staff availability as you go. Use Tanda’s powerful customisation tools to edit the roster, mix and match shifts, and manage shift changes easily with our mobile app for one-tap shift swapping.

Manage wages in real time

Make data-driven staffing decisions in real-time 2with Tanda’s live wage tracker. Gain instant insight into demand, wages, and other key business drivers. Maintain high levels of service and profitability for your pharmacy by ensuring you’re well staffed for the day.

Australian datacentres

Australian data centres

Cloud built

Built in the cloud from day one

Speed built

Engineered for speed

Everything you need, all in one platform

Seamlessly handle everything from onboarding new hires to rostering your staff & paying them correctly, all in one platform.

  • Rostering and attendance

    Create rosters with ease. Build rosters to match customer demand with Tanda. See staff availability as you go, save templates, and set targets and roster costs to make sure you never go over budget.

  • Onboard new hires with one click. Let us take care of the paperwork. Tanda automates new hire onboarding, lodges details directly with the ATO, and collects super choice forms digitally, so you can skip the admin.

  • Make award interpretation quick & easy. Tanda was built to handle the complex requirements of Australian payroll. Base rates, overtime, allowances, higher duties. It's all taken care of by our in-house compliance team.

Employee Onboarding

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