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Tanda’s all-in-one software helps Australian pharmacies roster and pay their staff correctly.

Use Tanda to manage staff recruitment, improve your margin, and stay compliant.

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Relieve margin pressure

Changes to drug dispensing rules have put Pharmacy industry margins under immense pressure. Tanda’s rostering system allows you to roster efficiently and keep labour costs under control. Build schedules based on how many staff you need and adjust staffing levels on the go. Reduce waste with warnings for overtime and protect your margin.

Fill positions faster

With more than three-quarters of Australian pharmacies struggling to recruit staff, having good hiring processes in place is important. Tanda’s Applicant Tracking System digitises the recruitment process and improves the time it takes to hire staff. Once you’ve found the right candidate, onboard them into your Tanda account in seconds, removing the admin of HR.

Stay compliant with the Pharmacy Award

Tanda automatically interprets some of the most complex Pharmacy Industry Award clauses in staff timesheets. Wage calculations, overtime, allowances, and other entitlements are all included, allowing you to automate more calculations and remove errors.

Make it all-in-one with Tanda Payroll

Tanda’s all-in-one system includes payroll built in the same codebase as Workforce Management, removing data exports each pay run. Reduce the time it takes to process payroll, and pay your staff more accurately with Tanda.

Australian datacentres

Australian data centres

Cloud built

Built in the cloud from day one

Speed built

Engineered for speed

Everything you need, all in one platform

Seamlessly handle everything from onboarding new hires to rostering your staff & paying them correctly, all in one platform.

  • Rostering and attendance

    Create rosters with ease. Build rosters to match customer demand with Tanda. See staff availability as you go, save templates, and set targets and roster costs to make sure you never go over budget.

  • Onboard new hires with one click. Let us take care of the paperwork. Tanda automates new hire onboarding, lodges details directly with the ATO, and collects super choice forms digitally, so you can skip the admin.

  • Make award interpretation quick & easy. Tanda was built to handle the complex requirements of Australian payroll. Base rates, overtime, allowances, higher duties. It's all taken care of by our in-house compliance team.

Employee Onboarding

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