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Fuse the power of Tanda and Lightspeed to strengthen your reporting and grow your business. Import and combine sales data with your rosters to match your business needs.
Lightspeed Kounta POS


The product & development team at Tanda collaborate closely with Lightspeed to deliver great new features for our customers. Using cloud integration, Tanda syncs data from your Lightspeed POS terminal,
so you can roster staff to match your business needs.


Track Your Sales

As an official Lightspeed POS Add-On, Tanda works closely with Lightspeed to track sales so you can monitor your business no matter where you are.

Accurately Cost Rosters

Know exactly how much your roster will cost you before staff arrive for work. Easily pull sales data from Lightspeed POS into Tanda, so you can track your business costs as you build your roster.

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