We are improving the way Tanda organises locations

11 March, 2016 Renée Mellish

Our aim is to provide you with a simple and intuitive way to organise your business to support rostering, reporting and payroll.

After speaking with a range of customers about how they use Tanda to organise their business we’ve identified some key improvements to best support you:

  1. Better organisation and distinction between locations and departments
  2. Simplification of the way you categorise staff
  3. Intuitive rostering based on your business size

What are we building?

Location groupings

The most fundamental change to the system involves the addition of a location level of grouping above departments (renamed to teams).


This will give you a much simpler way to separate your locations, rather than setting up a department for each one.

Business setup page. A single location within Tanda to setup your locations, teams and shift details

Departments refresh

Departments are packed with useful functionality that you love, reporting, manager permissions etc. But one thing we noticed departments are neglected for is rostering. To make them more useful on your roster we are giving them colour coding and a level of extra information called shift details for when you need it. As a part of the departments functionality refresh we are also renaming them to Teams, we think this name is more reflective of the way our customers use the feature.


How will these changes impact my setup?

The changes we are introducing are not removing any of the functionality that is currently available in Tanda.

My business works out of one location

  • You will no longer need to worry about having both roles and departments.
  • The difference here is that you can now use teams (departments to be renamed) as your primary roster tagging method. Your set up, rostering and reporting will all be simpler and easier.
  • If you need more detail on your roster for things like higher duties, you will still be able to do this using shift details.

1 location - dep


1 location - dep-shiftdetails

My business has multiple locations

  • The addition of locations will mean you can group teams (departments to be renamed) based on their actual store / location. This feature will greatly enhance and organise your business set up and provide you with the flexibility to expand your business and easily manage this growth.
  • Instead of having to select both the department and the role managers at each site will just be able to select the team manager (departments to be renamed). For people who need to view or roster people across locations, each team (departments to be renamed) will show a short code that shows the location the department is in.
  • Different locations / stores will now be able to have different options on their roster without affecting (and confusing) managers at every other site.
    In rare cases when it is necessary you will still be able to add a shift detail into the team within a location.

2 location - dep


2 location - dep-shiftdetails

When are these changes coming?

In the coming months we will start building these changes and testing them with our customers. Keep your eye out for opportunities to provide feedback and ask questions.

When we begin rolling out the changes we will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

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