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Texas Employee Caught Faking Clock-Ins from Breaks

28 August, 2017 Enrique Estagle

As reported by KSAT, a municipal court employee at Texas resigned after an investigation found out that he was faking his lunch breaks at work. Surveillance video caught the employee approaching the biometric time clock and moving his hand “as if he is scanning his fingerprint to clock out.” The employee returns an hour and […]

“Buddy Punching” is Costing Businesses Millions. What Can Employee Time Clock Software Do About It?

23 August, 2017 Enrique Estagle

According to the latest research, “Buddy Punching” is costing US businesses USD373 Million (or AUD471 Million*) annually. If you don’t know what buddy punching is, it is the practice of an employee clocking in at the office’s Bundy clock on behalf of another who might be coming in late for work. The practice of buddy punching […]

4 Tips for Designing Your Next Restaurant

22 August, 2017 Enrique Estagle

Every artist needs a canvas; and for restaurateurs like you, that canvas is your restaurant space. It is the stage where your staff can showcase their talents in serving customers your menu items. As such, designing and creating it shouldn’t be an afterthought. Doing it right the first time ensure that your business enjoys a […]

Top 5 Restaurant Marketing Tools in the Digital Space

21 August, 2017 Enrique Estagle

Getting people to dine in your restaurant these days is not as easy as placing a signboard outside or buying an ad in the local paper. Today, digital marketing is the name of the game. QSR Web reports that “2017 will be the year of digital marketing for restaurants.” The report also noted that more […]

5 Tech Solutions for Your Restaurant

17 August, 2017 Enrique Estagle

Whether you are an up and coming restaurateur or an industry veteran, being able to constantly innovate can be the difference between a successful restaurant or a business in shambles. Technology, by its nature, is the perfect tool to allow restaurants to innovate and rise above the competition. With that in mind, here are five […]

5 Mistakes You Can Make When Hiring for Your Restaurant

17 August, 2017 Enrique Estagle

Your fit out might look a million dollars and you might be plating up great food every day, but it won’t lead to rave reviews online if your staff aren’t up to par. A restaurant’s x factor is the people running it. To help you out in creating the perfect team for your restaurant, we’ve […]

Ensure Enough Coverage for Your Restaurant at Any Given Time

16 August, 2017 Enrique Estagle

Traffic at a restaurant ebbs and flows with the times. One moment you’ll only have a handful of patrons, the next an avalanche of customers are queuing at the entrance, waiting to be served. From being overstaffed at a certain time period, suddenly your staff are juggling multiple tables while tickets are lining up like […]

How to Have Quicker Table Turnover for Your Restaurant

15 August, 2017 Enrique Estagle

Peak times are a double-edged sword for restauranteurs. On one end, you have no empty tables with more customers hanging out outside or by the bar, waiting to be served. On the other, your team is pushed to serve every dish and bus out every plate as soon as possible so that other people can […]

Things I Learned at our First Tanda Hackathon in Manila

4 August, 2017 Alex Ghiculescu

On 28th-29th July, we hosted our third ever Tanda Hackathon — our first at our Manila office. Coming into a different country with a different culture, I wasn’t sure how well our famous “Biggest Hackathon in Brisbane” would translate. This is the story of how I went from nervous to ecstatic in a span of […]

5 Employee Onboarding Tips

26 July, 2017 Enrique Estagle

New employees can come in on a daily basis. That is why it can be stressful for HR managers to welcome new staff on board and get them off and running on their first day. Here are five things to remember whenever you’re onboarding a new team member. Set Everything Up for Them New employees […]