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How Employee Onboarding Could Be Your Most Valuable Opportunity of 2021

Growing your business takes talent, and when you want to hire the best people there are a number of seen and unseen costs. In a recent study from SHRM, the average cost-per-hire in Australia was found to be around $5500. From paying the wages of HR professionals, to operational expenses, administration and job advertising, many […]

How to pay Australia Day Public Holiday Pay Rates 2021

This year, Australia Day falls on Tuesday, the 26th January.  Unlike previous years, this makes paying staff the correct public holiday pay rates very simple. As the holidays falls on a weekday, there are no make up or additional holidays. Depending on the award they are classified under, staff will only incur additional rates for […]

What the latest Fair Work Bill means for your organisation

The Federal Government has recently released the Fair Work Amendment (Supporting Australia’s Jobs and Economic Recovery) Bill 2020. It is crucial that organisations understand what these potential changes entail, as they will need to plan accordingly should the Bill be passed into law.  Below we’ll be summarising the proposed changes and what they mean for […]

Public holiday rates – How to pay staff Christmas 2020

Public holiday rates applied to the holiday season can vary from state to state. Currently, some states award penalty rates for Christmas Eve, while others only award entitlements for the traditional public holidays such as Christmas day and Boxing day. In 2020, Boxing Day falls on a weekend, the Fair Work Ombudsman sets out that […]

How Hospitality Leaders Are Preparing For the Post-Lockdown World

While the full extent of the disruption caused by COVID-19 is still uncertain for restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality establishments, weathering through this pandemic is still possible.  Expenses are expected to return faster than revenues for most Hospitality segments. Australian border closures, cost conscious consumers and a society adjusting to a new normal will continue […]

How to Understand the Manufacturing Award in Australia

The manufacturing industry presently accounts for 5.6% of Australia’s economy. The industry is responsible for producing a wide range of products including food, beverages, tobacco, textiles, chemicals, machinery, and furniture and as such covers a large number of Australian workers. Although there is some variance, the majority of employees in these professions are covered under […]

How to Understand the Retail Award in Australia

In 2019, the Australian retail industry achieved a turnover of $AU329.6 billion, making it one of the largest industries in the country. There are almost 140,000 retail businesses in Australia, employing approximately 1.2 million people. This accounts for 10.7% of all employment, meaning a large number of Australians are covered under the retail award.  What […]

Can employers round timesheets?

Some countries have laws that set exactly how much an employer can round shift start and finish times on a timesheet. In Australia, no legislation deals directly with the process of timesheet rounding.  The Fair Work Act simply states that employees be paid in accordance with their employment terms (e.g. contract, award, enterprise agreement).   But […]

Want to retain frontline employees? Pay them properly

Eat out at a trendy restaurant or stroll into a store for some window shopping and the first person you encounter can set the tone of your interactions with the business as a whole. The demanding job of pleasing paying customers falls squarely onto the shoulders of frontline workers. They’re the first touchpoint someone has […]

Mountains into Molehills: Ways Businesses Reduce Admin

With business growth comes the increase in tasks in a manager’s plate. Critical thinking, staying abreast with the trends, making data-driven decisions, and empowering the workforce to ensure success become more important. But as a business grows, admin and paperwork tend to balloon too. So how do you grow your business but not your paper […]

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