Domino’s Israel and Tanda partner with Howazit to drive scheduling efficiencies

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Tel Aviv, Israel – Tanda is excited to announce that Domino’s Israel, in partnership with proactive customer care platform, Howazit and Tanda, has recently gone live with a shift rating integration that provides daily insights to managers. 

The shift rating integration uses customer feedback from the Howazit platform to provide delivery drivers with an aggregated performance rating which is sent to Tanda daily. 

Managers can access and use this customer feedback directly in Tanda to drive scheduling decisions and reduce the amount of time they spend selecting the right employee mix for key shifts throughout the day.  

Arie Elbaz, Domino’s Pizza Israel COO, said the ability to connect the customer feedback captured in Howazit with Tanda will be an impactful tool. 

“We’re continually working towards providing managers with advanced tools like this which drive store efficiency but don’t compromise the quality of service we provide our customers.”  

Rory Broadbridge, Strategic Account Manager at Tanda, said that Domino’s Israel is constantly looking to solve problems using technology and harness new ways of working. 

“Domino’s Israel is more than a customer, they’re a partner. We’re committed to working with them to deliver solutions for the future of modern workforces.  

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We’re also excited by this opportunity to partner with Howazit and share an integration which also drives employee engagement. This tool will assist managers in rewarding employees who are providing safe and exceptional customer service with additional or peak hours.”

Based in Israel, Howazit is a configurable platform which enables organisations to engage with their customers throughout their customer journey. It provides mobile-based digital engagement, feedback and information collection workflows within hotel, health, airline, and retail industries. 

Gilad Cohen, Howazit COO, said that the impact customer feedback can play on key business areas such as scheduling and operations is well documented. 

“Understanding customer feedback and converting that information into actionable insights can grow sales as well as convert satisfied customers into brand advocates.”

Tanda and Domino’s Israel will work together to capture feedback from managers using this new integration and build out further enhancements and functionality. 

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