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Employee Scheduling

How to Roster Staff Effectively | Everything You Need To Know

Tanda’s Kira Meyn shares her best rostering tips she’s gathered over years of experience in the industry. Learn how to optimise your roster, stay compliant and keep your workers happy with our guide
Awards & Rostering

What is an Industrial Award? Everything You Need To know

So, what are industrial awards? How are they different from the minimum wage or agreements? Why are they called Awards? Who makes these rules, anyway?
Employee Scheduling

What is Workforce Management?

Workforce Management may sound like a buzzword, but it’s actually pretty important. In essence, Workforce Management is the art of getting your employees to work in the most efficient way possible to maximise productivity while following the law.
Awards & Rostering

Health Professionals and Support Services Award: Complete Guide 2022

The Health Professionals and Support Services Award is the instrument that governs the pay for these workers. It covers medical support roles, like stenographers, imaging administration, and medical secretaries.
Awards & Rostering

Massive New Tax Write Off For Businesses That Use Tanda

Eligible businesses will be able to get up to 30% off Tanda, as part of a new tax deduction announced by the Federal Government.
Awards & Rostering

The Biggest Risks From The “Great Resignation”

Australia’s strong economic recovery has led to a significant increase in demand for workers, causing a labour shortage.

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