Upcoming Major Changes to Food Safety Standards

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Businesses that serve food and drinks need to review their food safety compliance, ahead of major changes to standards later this year. From December the 8th 2023, the Food Standards Code will incorporate new Standard 3.2.2A.

Standard 3.2.2A broadens and extends food safety requirements for venues – meaning all operators will need to take additional steps to stay compliant. There are three major changes – however, a number of minor additions will also come into effect.

The big three requirements will be:

  1. Supervisors must have been trained in the last five years
  2. All food handlers must have undertaken food safety training
  3. Records of training must be kept

Staying Compliant with Tanda

Tanda has recently introduced Operations, a complete suite of features designed for businesses to stay compliant with regulatory requirements. Operations is flexible, and can be used to stay compliant across different industries – including food safety.

The first step is ensuring staff have been trained in food handling. You should implement a process of enrolling staff in food training through Tanda onboarding. Simply create a user profile and send them a link to complete the relevant training. 

Tanda recommends finding a suitable program that matches your needs. From here, when the staff has completed the training, you can create a qualification that shows the staff member has completed food safety training.

The second step to staying compliant is to always roster a staff member who has supervisors training. Tanda’s rostering feature allows you to design rosters that automatically block schedules from being published if someone with supervisor training isn’t on the roster. Use qualifications to manage this process and ensure you’re compliant.

Finally, Tanda’s new operations suite allows you to use checklists and audits of food safety to ensure you’re compliant over the long term. Build custom checklists of procedures, and keep records of all food safety actions as required by law. Schedule audits of staff qualifications and ensure they meet mandatory training requirements.

Learn More

To find out more about Tanda, you can request a demo here.

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