Employee Onboarding: Collecting staff details made paperless (updated for 2019)

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Introducing Tanda’s New Employee Onboarding feature!

Tanda’s Employee Onboarding Feature is the paperless way to collect all those necessary staff details such as Tax file Numbers and Super Choice forms, without the hassle of scanning and signing forms, or chasing new staff for paperwork.

Through Tanda, managers will now be able to onboard new staff and their details directly into Tanda.

How does it work?

  1. Talk to the Tanda Onboarding team to have the onboarding tool enabled in your account.
  2. From here, managers can send out an email with the onboarding link to new staff, prompting them to complete the necessary forms.
  3. Using this link, the onus is put on staff to fill in all their details, which are then submitted securely to Tanda.
  4. Once all the details have been submitted, Tanda will then automatically create a staff profile for the new team member in Tanda.

If your payroll software has an onboarding integration, Tanda will export the newly created staff profile to your payroll software where it will create a new staff profile in payroll as well.

What forms can my new team member fill out?

Through Tanda’s Employee Onboarding feature your team member will be able to fill out all the core paperwork, that is required for them to be paid, and rostered.

  • Personal Details
  • Emergency Contact Details
  • Bank Account Details
  • Tax File Declaration Form
  • Super Choice Form

What are the benefits of Employee Onboarding for Employers?

  1. Cuts out paperwork by replacing the forms new staff have to sign, with digital versions.
  2. No chasing up paperwork, as staff can enter their details themselves.
  3. Reduces errors by validating BSBs, Addresses, Tax File Numbers, and Super details.
  4. No problems trying to decipher staff members’ messy handwriting.
  5. Cuts out double entries for payroll by automatically syncing with certain cloud based software.
  6. Improves engagement with your new staff. 

What are the benefits for Employees?

  • Simple easy to follow process for staff – they no longer have to enter their name, date of birth or address multiple times.
  • Can be easily completed from home or from your mobile phone, wherever you are.
  • No need to print, scan, email or post hard copy forms.

Get started with Tanda’s Employee Onboarding today!

Tanda’s Employee Onboarding feature is already live!

For more information contact one of our friendly Tanda Consultants via email at [email protected] to get started with Tanda Employee Onboarding.

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