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Product Updates

50+ new features to grow everything but your paperwork.

There is a pattern consistent in most industries. Companies that succeed are ones where frontline managers have influence in improving the execution of business strategy. Former Schering-Plough (now Merck & Co.) CEO Fred Hassan says frontline managers ‘represent an all-important feedback loop that allows the CEO to stay abreast of the latest developments in the business.’ […]

Employee Onboarding: Collecting staff details made paperless (updated for 2019)

Introducing Tanda’s New Employee Onboarding feature! Tanda’s Employee Onboarding Feature is the paperless way to collect all those necessary staff details such as Tax file Numbers and Super Choice forms, without the hassle of scanning and signing forms, or chasing new staff for paperwork. Through Tanda, managers will now be able to onboard new staff […]

Three ways to run a perfect shift (that aren’t clocking in and out).

Communication leads to perfection. SMS, calls, FaceTime, face-to-face, WhatsApp, and time and attendance (T&A) all have one thing in common. They are used to send and receive messages. The communication gets especially more complex with T&A. Whenever you log in, you build and publish rosters. You ask for staff details during onboarding. You receive leave […]

We want you to use our software less. Here are 5 new ways to do it.

Have you ever changed numbers on Excel, and everything else changed too? How long did that take? I’m guessing less than the time it took to read this sentence. What takes seconds now took an entire day for an accountant or bookkeeper in the ‘60s. They had paper spreadsheets back then. So a small adjustment meant […]

Treating staff as cost centres wastes their potential for your business

What’s new in Tanda: April 2019 Every organisation needs to adapt and evolve alongside rapid changes in technology, customer attitudes, and the competition. It’s easier to do that if staff have buy-in to your business goals. And we know from plenty of case studies that treating employees like your best customer turns staff into your greatest […]

How we reduced the cost of bespoke payroll integrations to zero

From today, every payroll system you can think of, as long as it has an import function, can now work with Tanda. And it won’t cost thousands of dollars in custom integration costs. In fact, it won’t cost anything at all. Introducing Custom Export Builder With this feature, you can export all your timesheet data […]

Not just selfie clock-ins and faster rostering: What you really get by choosing Tanda

WHAT’S NEW IN TANDA – FEBRUARY 2019 Choosing Tanda means choosing to get your time back. Time you can put into great things. Like expanding your business. Creating new products. Getting an hour of r & r. Anything but manually organising your team. That’s why we say ‘automated’ a lot in these posts. So this […]

Doshii-Tanda integration frees up business owners to focus on people and growth

Tanda is excited to announce an integration with innovative API integration company, Doshii. Doshii’s API, which connects apps with POS in real-time, allows Tanda customers to harness their data through a single integration and gain immediate insights so they can manage their businesses better. Tanda’s cloud-based workforce success software offers strong employee onboarding, payroll, and […]

Introducing Smart Templates

Creating rosters using templates is great because in one click you have an entire roster worth of shifts. But even with templates, there are still a bunch of edits that you have to make after it is applied, for example: swapping out staff who are now on leave or unavailable, assigning staff to vacant shifts, […]

Track paid breaks with Tanda

Breaks are an important part of the workday. They allow employees to take a rest, get food and drink, and gain energy for the rest of the shift so they can come back focussed and ready to work. Tracking breaks can be important for businesses too; for compliance, to ensure you’re paying your staff correctly, […]

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