Guide to Conducting a Job Candidate Interview

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Preparing for the interview

  • Ensure you have read the candidate’s resume, and know their history and experience
  • Understand the position, including the duties and requirements
  • Know your company’s strategy and how the position fits into the strategy
  • Make sure that everybody who has to be present during the interview has copies of the candidate’s resume, and know when the interview is

Interview Opening

  • Introduce each member in the room
    • Name
    • Position
    • Relationship to the role being interviewed for (e.g. line manager)
  • Brief overview of the role
  • Engage in light conversation to break the ice

Conducting the interview

  • Start the interview with the candidate’s history
  • Work through the prepared questions relevant to the position
  • Listen to the answers and develop questions around them

Areas of Focus during the Interview


A discussion of professional achievements can put the candidate at ease and calm their nerves. It can give you a sense of where their skills lie and how they tie into the vacant position.

Challenges They Face

Overcoming challenges in the workplace isn’t industry specific. These questions suit every interview as it will give you a good sense of the candidate’s ability to solve problems and make decisions.

Independence & Teamwork Ability

It’s vital that your candidate can work as part of a team, but also be able to complete tasks on their own, with little to no assistance.

Time Management

Time management is an essential skill for every level of employee to have. Excellent time management allows the candidate to fully manage their resources, while being flexible and still producing quality work. These employees won’t panic in a situation that will require extra time and attention, as they would have allowed themselves time to focus on a crisis, if and when it arises.


Excellent communication, verbal and written, is of importance to make sure projects go smoothly. Focus on how the candidate answers questions and how well they communicate.

Analytical & Logical Skills

Applying logic and analytical thought to complex projects can be the easiest way to find a solution. But this skill can be the hardest to judge during an interview.

Company Culture

Asking questions related to your company culture will make it easy to judge if the candidate will fit in well with your company or not.

Closing the Interview

  • Ask if the candidate has any questions
  • Summarise the next steps to be taken
  • Thank the candidate for coming
  • Let them know how you will contact them for the results

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