Customer story

Sushi Sushi

Sushi Sushi has used Tanda to help rapidly expand their business with confidence new stores will be compliant with Australian pay regulations.

Streamlining Operations with Sushi Sushi

Founded in Melbourne in 1998, Sushi Sushi was one of the first concepts of its kind. These days Sushi in Australia has never been more popular, and it shows –  the business has now expanded, with 140 locations across Australia and New Zealand.

Before using Tanda, Sushi Sushi had to process many of its operations manually, which was complicated and error prone. Since using the software, they’ve been able to simplify procedures, avoid worrying about pay compliance and get on with managing their business.

Out with the old and in with the new

Previously, Sushi Sushi would manually draw up rosters and then enter them into their system. Likewise, leave requests and timesheets also had to be driven manually by a payroll team.

With Tanda, all of these processes are automated, and Sushi Sushi can take advantage of the software’s unique features, like predictive demand, which allows rosters to be drawn up based off existing point of sale data.

Sushi Sushi’s Biggest Challenges

  • Avoiding time consuming admin on manual tasks
  • Adding and implementing new stores to the franchisee network
  • Paying staff accurately for the correct time they work

Removing Payroll Pains

Staying compliant with Australia’s notoriously complicated industrial relations framework is a problem for any business. New regulations have only made this process even more difficult. By embracing Tanda’s Award interpreter and other timesheet features, Sushi Sushi has been able to take out a lot of the admin.

"I'd describe Tanda as actually what it is. Super Simple, and easy to use".
Dan Parsons
National Company Manager - Sushi Sushi

Bringing it all together

Sushi Sushi has been able to turbo-charge their growth by using Tanda and blasting admin out of the way. Here’s three ways their business has benefited from the software:

Sushi Sushi can easily add new stores to its network with minimal fuss, easily importing data through Tanda's integrations with Payroll software.

Tanda's automation of core tasks like timesheets and payroll processing allows Sushi Sushi's staff to focus on what they should be doing - managing their business and making great food.

Tanda's managed award templates make paying staff simple, no matter how large the organisation, no matter how complex the calculation.

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