Customer story


OverTheWire, formerly known as Fonebox, uses Tanda to optimise their rosters and deliver exceptional telecommunications customer experiences across Australia.

Going for growth with OverTheWire

OverTheWire, formerly known as Fonebox, has been a long-term partner with Tanda for more than half a decade. The company provides inbound call services for clients with 1300 and 1800 numbers, helping connect consumers with services Australia-wide.

Running a call centre for different businesses that are consumer facing has its challenges. With over 150 staff across four offices nationwide, large numbers of staff are needed at peak times to process calls, and it’s crucial that OverTheWire gets its roster right to meet demand.

Cutting out compliance

Before switching to Tanda, OverTheWire would regularly spend days processing timesheets, rosters, and payroll. Not only was it a tedious process, it was also risky. Small errors would leave the organisation exposed to underpayment claims.

By using Tanda, OverTheWire automates pay calculations using Tanda’s Award Interpreter. The correct award rates are applied to digitally recorded time and attendance, before being exported straight to payroll. Tanda also records all payroll records for the required seven years, simplifying the audit process should the Fair Work Ombudsman come knocking. 

It cuts out manual calculations and gives OverTheWire confidence that their staff are being paid correctly. By cutting out compliance and admin, management can focus on what matters – delivering great customer service, and growing the business.

OverTheWire’s biggest challenges

  • Meeting variable staffing demands to deliver quality customer experiences
  • Paying staff correctly
  • Cutting down admin and focussing on business growth

Automated Rostering

With customer service so reliant on an accurate roster that meets demand, it’s crucial that OverTheWire gets it right. Using Tanda’s automated rostering features helps avoid the traps of a manually run and coordinated system. Rosters can be made using templates based on predicted demand, and employees sent their shifts instantly on Tanda’s employee app.

Staff often need to change shifts, or suddenly get sick. For OverTheWire, the flexibility provided by Tanda’s rostering system is crucial to meeting these challenges. 

Staff can swap shifts with their colleagues without having the change manually processed by management. Tanda’s employee mobile app makes sure staff know exactly when their shifts are, and helps OverTheWire stay on top of customer needs.

"Tanda has automated our rostering system, from the sense of not having to have people get involved when someone might be sick, or when somebody wants to change their shift."
Jordan Grives
Managing Director, OverTheWire

Bringing it all together

OverTheWire delivers exceptional telecommunications solutions for their customers by using Tanda to meet staffing demand, communicate with employees, and stay compliant.

Tanda's managed award templates make paying staff simple, no matter how large the organisation, no matter how complex the calculation.

OverTheWire uses Tanda's rosters to meet customer demand and deliver excellent service.

Tanda allows OverTheWire to cut out the admin and focus its labour resources on activities that grow the business.

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