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Starbucks Coffee Australia

Starbucks Coffee adopted an agile approach when it signed on with Tanda, implementing the software in just three weeks.

Creating a sustainable, agile business with Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks is an iconic roaster and retailer of specialty coffee, founded in 1971 in a cobblestone street in Seattle in the United States. In just a few years, people all around the world had acquired a taste for Starbucks, and it first came to Australia in 2000.

Since then, the local arm has been through a number of different chapters. Now, in 2022, Starbucks Australia Chief Executive Chris Garlick says they’re “looking to build a highly sustainable business, that’s really successful for our customers”.

Rostering for productivity

Rostering staff across more than 55 stores in locations around Australia has its challenges. Demand and staff availability can massively vary across different stores. Previously, not much of Starbucks’ scheduling was automated. Keeping track of thousands of staff and what they’re owed was also tricky.

For Starbucks, implementing Tanda has given greater visibility to these problems. Embracing auto-scheduling has allowed managers to focus on what they should be doing – managing individual outlets. The company can keep track of all its staff members, what they’re owed, and their hourly rates.

Starbucks Australia’s Biggest Challenges

  • Optimising rosters to cater for its network of stores
  • Staying compliant with Australia’s tough payroll laws
  • Having visibility over 55 stores nationwide

Removing Payroll Pains

Staying compliant with Australia’s notoriously complicated industrial relations framework is a problem for any business. New regulations have only made this process even more difficult. By embracing Tanda’s Award interpreter and other timesheet features, Starbucks has been able to take out a lot of the admin.

“The laws and regulations in Australia around payroll are really quite complicated, and having a tool that can help you navigate through that efficiently and effectively is really important for our business”
Chris Garlick
Chief Executive - Starbucks Australia

Bringing it all together

Starbucks Australia has had to negotiate a complicated business environment and manage thousands of partners that work across different stores. Here’s how Tanda helps them achieve their goals:

At Tanda, we pride ourselves on the speed of our integrations, successfully implementing Starbucks’ entire network of 55 stores in three weeks.

Starbucks can easily keep track of peak and predicted demand, and change their rosters accordingly.

Tanda's managed award templates make paying staff simple, no matter how large the organisation, no matter how complex the calculation.

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