Customer story

Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s Mooloolaba used Tanda to gain deep insights into its cost base, optimise their roster, and boost sales.

Knowing the numbers with Ben & Jerry’s

For Ben & Jerry’s Mooloolaba, keeping tabs on the numbers is key to running a successful franchise. Whether it’s labour costs, cost of goods sold, or daily sales, getting immediate, deep insight is important.

Since adopting Tanda, Ben & Jerry’s Mooloolaba has used Tanda’s live insights feature to intimately understand their business. With instant data from point-of-sale integrations, they can quickly make key staffing and inventory decisions.

Tanda also helps Ben & Jerry’s take control of their roster and payroll, to make an impact where it matters most – delivering exceptional customer service.

Compliance made easy

In Australia, proving employees have been paid correctly is serious business. For Ben & Jerry’s, Tanda’s record keeping and reporting features have made compliance more straightforward.

Tanda automatically records time and attendance, before interpreting the relevant award and exporting straight to payroll. Payroll records are also kept digitally for the required seven years. It makes compliance easy.

Ben & Jerry’s Mooloolaba’s biggest challenges

  • Rostering and paying staff correctly
  • Understanding demand and cost trends
  • Localising operations to provide a great customer experience

Powerful Integrations

Like many Tanda customers, Ben & Jerry’s Mooloolaba uses the software’s powerful integrations to get ahead. The franchise can use Tanda to export time and attendance data straight into a variety of different payroll systems, paying staff on time, correctly, and without the fuss.

Ben & Jerry’s Mooloolaba also benefits from Tanda’s direct point of sale integrations. Tanda shows live demand, sales, and can even predict demand trends in the future. It helps the franchise keep on top of  the numbers, and know exactly where they sit in the market.

“Successful franchisees are those who really know their numbers, keep tabs on their labour costs, cost of goods and other costs.”
Franchisee, Ben & Jerry's Mooloolaba

Bringing it all together

Ben & Jerry’s Mooloolaba stays focussed on their customers by utilising Tanda’s features to roster their staff accurately and make sure they’re paid correctly for the time they work. Here’s how Tanda helps them achieve their goals:

Tanda's managed award templates make paying staff simple, no matter how large the organisation, no matter how complex the calculation.

Ben & Jerry’s uses Tanda’s rosters to get staff where they need to be, keep costs under control, and deliver the best possible customer service

Tanda’s powerful integrations give Ben & Jerry’s the ability to intimately understand their cost base, demand, sales, and help optimise operations.

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