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Maryborough RSL

See how Maryborough RSL eliminate shift abandonment and save 20 hours per week on administration with Tanda
Maryborough RSL

From managing staff to serving the community

The Maryborough RSL has been supporting and welcoming veterans, returned service members, and the wider community of the Hervey Bay region for over 60 years. General Manager Stephen Yeats has been with the club for over 20 years, and in his time has experienced and overcome numerous workforce challenges. 

Like many thriving clubs, retaining and engaging talented staff is always a challenge. “Staffing was our biggest problem, we were always scraping the barrel to get staff to come into work” recalls Stephen. Shift abandonment can have a profound effect on day to day operations and is often a difficult problem to solve. There are no standardised laws concerning shift abandonment, and it’s often up to the business to create a culture and implement systems that reward employees for their attendance.

In addition to attendance challenges, the managers at the RSL were struggling to stay on top of their manual staff scheduling system, with every roster and timesheet adjustment requiring manual edits, approvals and signatures. “It was all paper… It was all manual, it used to take a couple of hours each day”.

Maryborough RSL’s biggest challenges

  • High rate of shift abandonment among younger staff members made day to day operations unpredictable and stressful.
  • Paper-based method of managing staff creates an excessive administrative burden for managers running shifts.
  • 20+ hours per week spent processing timesheets and paying staff correctly.

A simpler way to schedule staff

Tanda’s staff scheduling and rostering tools enable Maryborough RSL to keep staff notified and engaged. This significantly reduces the time spent by management following up on staff, and helps them focus on the larger challenges of the business.

“Previously we spent up to 20 hours per week doing data entry for payroll, and now we’re not even touching any of that."
Stephen Yeates
General Manager - Maryborough RSL


The clubs industry is all about community, and you can’t connect with your patrons from behind a desk. Maryborough RSL makes life simple with Tanda, so they can get back to doing what they love. Here are some of the RSL’s favourite time saving features. 

Maryborough RSL use Tanda's employee app to publish and manage shifts for their employees, drastically reducing the rate of shift abandonment.

By uploading key documents such as RSA and first aid certificates into Tanda, managers at the RSL are able to ensure that all staff qualifications are up to date, thanks to push notifications and expiry reminders.

Tanda integrates directly with the RSL's MYOB payroll system. One-click timesheet exports achieve a flawless and hassle-free pay run every time.

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