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Kurrawa Surf Club

Kurrawa Surf Club use Tanda to escape the back office and spend more time on the floor with their patrons and community.
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Tanda & Kurrawa Surf Club

Since 1958, locals and tourists alike have gathered at Kurrawa Surf Club, for good times, great food and stunning views. The clubhouse boasts an uninterrupted 230-degree view of the Gold Coast coastline, helping cement the club as a local icon.  Since it’s founding, the club has undertaken some big changes, most notably, the construction of their latest clubhouse, which not only increased their capacity for patrons with the addition of a larger dining space and cafe, but also saw them dramatically increase the size of their team to over 100 staff.

Tackling the challenges that come with growth

As the business expanded, so did the administration required to keep things running smoothly. For Human Resources Manager Mark Edwards, this meant large amounts of time spent rostering staff, making last-minute changes to schedules and ensuring that payroll was processed correctly and on time, all activities that take managers off the front-lines with staff and into the back-office. For someone with a people-first management style like Mark, the existing system just didn’t work.

Kurrawa Surf Club’s biggest challenges

  • Paper-based staff management is a time-consuming process that is prone to errors.
  • Rostering needs to be simple and user friendly for staff.
  • Managers need as much face time with staff as possible, so cutting down on unnecessary admin is invaluable

Simple for employees, great for managers

Finding a solution wasn’t as straightforward as Kurrawa would have preferred, with their initial  ventures into time and attendance software not netting them the results they were looking for. “We had a couple of programs we tried but we didn’t have any luck”, Mark says. “Once Tanda came on board, it has been a game-changer. The ease, the user-friendliness, the support has made my job easier.”

It’s not just easier for Mark. The club’s 100 employees use Tanda to simplifying the process of onboarding, receiving shift updates and applying for leave. New staff can sign up and start receiving shifts in minutes.

Operations Manager Tracey Gardener says the whole club now runs like clockwork. “The change to Tanda is second nature now, having that accountability on the staff to clock in and out gives us real-time information and just makes payroll so much easier. We couldn’t do without it really”.

“In my personal opinion, it's a fantastic tool for rostering, onboarding, communications, support, and app for the staff is a bonus, one-hundred percent."
Mark Edwards
HR Manager - Kurrawa Surf Club

Bringing it all together

Kurrawa Surf Club has to manage more than 100 staff, provide great services and keep its distinct community feel. Here are just a few of the things Tanda does to help achieve these goals.

Tanda's extensive integrations spanning point of sale, payroll and rostering allow Kurrawa Surf Club to schedule staff to meet demand from customers.

Mark and the team use Tanda to communicate with their staff to manage when and where they need to be, and process payroll quickly and accurately.

Tanda's managed award templates make paying staff simple, no matter how large the organisation, no matter how complex the calculation.

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