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Beefy’s Pies

Beefy’s uses Tanda to make life easy for managers across their family-owned business.

Backing Family Business With Beefy’s

Beefy’s is a proud family-owned Australian company, created on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast in 1997, when they founders Ron and Shirley Hobbs opened their first store in the Aussie World precinct.  Since then, they’ve expanded to nine locations in Queensland, and pride themselves on delivering bigger, better and beefier meat pies.

Keeping Your Finger On The Pulse

As a family operated business, Beefy’s didn’t have the weight of resources that some corporate franchisees do. That meant that getting access to analytics on the performance of individual stores wasn’t easy. With Tanda’s live insights, Beefy’s can easily see demand, labour costs across different stores.

Beefy’s Biggest Challenges

  • Paper-based payroll is a time-consuming process that is prone to errors.
  • Visibility across different stores is difficult without investing large amounts of resources.
  • Manually managing 127 staff with phone call-outs takes up too much time.

Ending Admin

Prior to using Tanda, Beefy’s would have individual managers perform checks and balances on timesheets, before entering them into payroll manually. The process would take two to two and a half days and was error-prone. Now, the entire process takes just one day, with no complicated paper trail.

“Tanda is a no-brainer. Its saved us time, which ultimately saves us money. And it allows us time to identify other aspects of the business that we want to focus on.”
Brett Hooper
Operations Chief - Beefy's

Beefy Benefits

Beefy’s has taken their business further with Tanda. To wrap it up, here are the big three points:

Tanda's live insights and labour cost features allows Beefy's to instantly see issues as they appear across its network.

Tanda automatically applies the correct pay rate for staff and plugs it directly into payroll. Beefy's can change the roster and instantly alert staff with the Tanda app.

Tanda's managed award templates make paying staff simple, no matter how large the organisation, no matter how complex the calculation.

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