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Acpharm has cut the time they spend on payroll, allowing leadership to focus on growing their business.

Enabling Expansion with Acpharm

Acpharm is Australia’s largest compounding Pharmacy, operating over at three locations on the Gold Coast. For Acpharm, getting their rostering and attendance right is crucial. Pharmaceutical Compounding is the art of creating customised medication, made to a patients specific needs.

Out with the old and in with the new

Acpharm’s pharmacists work closely with doctors to tailor make medication for their patients needs. However, for co-owner Samantha Hammond, too much of her time was being spent completing manual rosters and timesheets, taking her away from her role growing and leading the business. For Samantha, the problem only grew as Acpharm’s operations expanded.

“We had recently gone through expansions and had hired a lot more staff, we were handling everything manually and had spreadsheets for roster and all timesheets were hand written.’’ We often ran into problems on the roster when things were not updated on the roster spreadsheet or written down’.’
Samantha Hammond
Co-owner, Acpharm

Acpharm’s Biggest Challenges

  • Avoiding time consuming admin on manual tasks
  • Adding and implementing new stores to the franchisee network
  • Paying staff accurately for the correct time they work

Removing Payroll Pains

Staying compliant with Australia’s notoriously complicated industrial relations framework is a problem for any business. New regulations have only made this process even more difficult. By embracing Tanda’s Award interpreter and other timesheet features, Acpharm has been able to take out a lot of the admin.

Moving Past Admin

Eventually, Acpharm decided to implement Tanda, changing their rosters to a digitally based time and attendance system. For Samantha, the key benefits were:

Elimating manual timesheets, rosters and having a central location for all data

Moving responsibility back on the employee to apply for leave, view other employees leave and update timesheets and view their rosters.

Saving time on payroll - allowing Acpharm to expand and focus on other aspects of the business.

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