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New weather feature for Tanda Rosters

27 August, 2015 Alex Ghiculescu

If your business is often affected by weather conditions, wouldn’t it be great if you could roster your staff based on whether it’s sunny or raining next week? Now you can! Tanda has just integrated a 16-day weather feed into its new rostering platform. This new feature helps improve the decision process for rostering managers, […]

Australian businesses suffer from Absenteeism

6 August, 2015 Nick Burge

Definition: Absenteeism is the practice of regularly staying away from work without good reason. Everyone is guilty of absenteeism at least some point in their lives. But how do you know when absenteeism is becoming a real problem within your business? How much it is actually costing your business invaluable work time, productivity and money? A […]

Coming to a calendar near you…

7 July, 2015 Nick Burge

Today we’re releasing some new features driven by open data, designed to make staff management in the enterprise simpler and more flexible. Tanda users are now able to export or subscribe to calendars of staff leave, rosters, and birthday, in the open iCalendar format. This format works with any computer or mobile device and doesn’t […]

Why we chose Fortitude Valley over Silicon Valley

14 June, 2015 Alex Ghiculescu

We loved Alan Downie’s recent piece on why Macropod kept their startup in Australia, it resonated well with similar conversations we’ve had at Tanda. We started Tanda because we wanted to make it easier for a bar we liked to pay their staff. 3 years on it’s great that we’ve been able to solve that […]

How to fuel your startup with Steve Baxter

11 June, 2015 Alex Ghiculescu

  Last week Tanda sat down for a chat with Steve Baxter. We talked about some issues that matter to Tanda, and similarly issues that matter to a lot of other startups out there. Here’s a few gems of wisdom Steve had to offer when you begin to consider how you’re going to keep your […]

‘Tanda rewarded for making timesheets sexy’ says Digital Brisbane

11 June, 2015 Jake Phillpot

Brisbane-based start-up Tanda may be young in business terms, just two years old and with an average employee age of 23, but its meteoric growth has been achieved in a number of ways. Initially it was the no-guts, no-glory approach by its four youthful directors, followed by the whole team’s obsessive client focus. And then […]

What does the new wage increase mean for your business?

5 June, 2015 Tasmin Trezise

The Fair Work Commission has announced the Australian minimum wage will be increased by 2.5% starting 1st July 2015. The 1.86 million lowest paid workers will get a $16 a week pay rise. Tanda used its own labour cost reporting system to measure the expected effects this will have on local businesses and found startling […]

Close encounters of the client kind

20 May, 2015 Tasmin Trezise

In early May the team from Tanda were cordially invited to the recurring BiBs event – Brisbane Interactive Beers. BiBs exists for the start up and digital community in Brisbane to stay in the know and meet the right people. Each time a BiBs event happens, industry leaders and interesting people get to share some […]

Tanda brings time clocks and timesheets to Attaché

13 May, 2015 Tasmin Trezise

TandaHQ is pleased to announce not only are we integrated with MYOB and Xero to name a few – but we’ve just integrated with Attaché! What do you mean, you’re integrated now? you might ask. Well, for starters now we can export time sheet data in a way that their payroll software can import. This makes Tanda […]

Women, the Workforce and what Tanda uncovered

7 May, 2015 Nick Burge

Kelsey Stay is a Web Developer and Graphic Designer working at start­up company Cohort Solutions. Cohort Solutions helps international students get their affairs in order while remaining safe upon arrival to Australia. In 2014, she was selected to participate in the Startup Catalyst Tour, that sends 20 young tech entrepreneurs to the headquarters of Facebook, […]

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