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Flexible Features have arrived at Tanda

29 April, 2015 Alex Ghiculescu

Time to spread the news that Tanda has some exciting new features in a cache of innovative software products. Existing Tanda customers, which is likely a lot of you reading this, may have already had a chance to play with some of them. But if you haven’t seen the full showcase this article is here […]

Hackathons and Selfie comps – a typical Tanda weekend

25 April, 2015 Alex Ghiculescu

This article is about the 2015 event. Go to hack.tanda.co for 2016’s event details! From selfie competitions to interesting discoveries – TandaHQ was buzzing with a crowd of people at last weekend’s official Hackathon. After being featured at Business Acumen magazine, and interviewed on ABC Radio it seems web designers, developers and programmers flocked to […]

Different habits of male and female employees

23 April, 2015 Nick Burge

Women get to work on average a minute earlier than their male colleagues, though men stay back an average of five minutes more at the end of the day, according to new insights from Tanda… Continue to read the full story here. This article is about the 2015 event. Go to hack.tanda.co for 2016’s event […]

Tanda says customers are the best investors

21 April, 2015 Tasmin Trezise

Silicon Valley has glamorised capital raising to a point where the amount of money raised factors into how we measure a startup’s success. The greater the cash injection, the better the startup must be; the more likely they are going to be successful. But there are many startups that never raised a cent, are in […]

Tanda featured at Business Acumen Magazine

21 April, 2015 Jake Phillpot

Tanda, the Australian company that has developed globally successful cloud-based time and attendance systems, is hosting its inaugural Brisbane Open Data Hackathon event on April 17 and 18. Tanda is hosting the Hackathon at its Brisbane headquarters in celebration of the milestone in reaching the 300 client level in Australia alone. That client list impressively […]

Tanda Open Data Hackathon this weekend! – 17th & 18th April

15 April, 2015 Alex Ghiculescu

This article is about the 2015 event. Go to hack.tanda.co for 2016’s event details! The Tanda Open Data Hackathon is upon us! Programmers, designers and developers are flocking to Brisbane for Tanda’s first Open Data Hackathon. In a digital era where everything is reachable from the click of a button, it’s no surprise there are now […]

“Help! My employees are always late!”

9 April, 2015 Tasmin Trezise

Do you find in your business employees are constantly showing up for work late, or clocking off just a little bit too early for your liking? Tanda can help you keep track of your employees clock-ins and clock-outs. The SMS feature alerting you when people are late is also a handy Tanda tool to keep […]

Change Might Be Coming to Hospitality and Retail Owners

2 April, 2015 Nick Burge

This one is looking at all you Food Produce and Hospitality business owners out there in the Tandaverse. It has been announced that the Senate will launch an inquiry into the Australian Wine Industry. Tanda users in wine country, also known as South Australia, may have already heard South Australian Senator Anne Ruston moved for […]

Tanda hits 1 Million clock ins!

4 March, 2015 Tasmin Trezise

Tanda has ticked over to 1 MIllion Clock-Ins! That is a lot of people showing up for work. And though we may gripe and grumble about the daily grind, one million clock-ins is something we want you to celebrate with the whole team at Tanda. Tanda has been here to help you. We have helped […]

Giving Employee Feedback: 7 Ways to Constructively Deliver Bad News

16 January, 2015 Jake Phillpot

Wouldn’t management be so much easier if everyone just did their job? You might feel sometimes like your job description would better match that of a babysitter than a business manager. But the sad fact is, unless you provide your staff with proper leadership; productivity, efficiency, morale, and overall quality of work will suffer. Part […]