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We are simplifying how timesheet tagging works

14 July, 2016 Alex Ghiculescu

Next week we will be updating how ‘shift tagging’ on timesheets works to make it more powerful and give you better reporting detail. Previously, we would give the option of how shifts would be categorised when clocking in: But thanks to the advent of Locations & Teams last month, we have been able to massively […]

New roster sidebar

5 July, 2016 Renée Mellish

Building an accurate and inclusive roster for your staff is key to making sure your business runs smoothly. We understand that when rostering for multiple locations or teams at once this can get difficult, which is why we have redesigned the roster sidebar to support more powerful and intuitive rostering. The changes to the roster […]

We are improving our infrastructure platform

4 July, 2016 Alex Ghiculescu

Over the next few weeks, we will be migrating Tanda’s servers and infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS). The AWS platform is the leading provider of online cloud services. It is currently used by a wide array of companies, including Xero and Netflix. At 8am on Sunday July 17, we will be taking Tanda offline […]

“If in doubt, ask a customer” – how we build product at Tanda

27 June, 2016 Alex Ghiculescu

Since 2012 Tanda has grown from me and a few mates in a share-house to a business employing 30 people. Most of that growth was in the last 18 months, as both our product and customer success teams have tripled in size. There’s been growing pains, but I’m happy with the point we are at […]

The case for small business tax reform

23 June, 2016 Jake Phillpot

“Can I pay you earlier?” It’s pretty unusual for someone to ask to pay for something sooner than they have to. Yet, this is what’s happening at an astonishing volume all around the country in June. This is the only time of year when people care about timing more than pricing. Everywhere in Australia, offices […]

Australian Minimum Wage Update for 2016

17 June, 2016 Katrina Marquez

With the End of Financial Year fast approaching, it’s time for you to start thinking about minimum wage and what is required of you as a business owner for the New Financial Year. Fair Work Australia has recently released its decision on national employment standards, which include wage increases for Modern Award rates. As of July […]

Brisbane’s Largest Hackathon of 2016

8 June, 2016 Alex Ghiculescu

We survived Brisbane’s largest Hackathon for yet another year! Over 150 of Brisbane’s best student designers and developers came along, more than double last year. I think it was the promise of a keg that did it. This year’s theme was APIs, in celebration of the one we just built. Despite a few teams trying quite hard to take […]

Introducing Locations & Teams in Tanda

6 June, 2016 Renée Mellish

On June 15 we are launching a big upgrade to the way you organise your business & staff in Tanda. What are we changing? We aren’t removing any of the current functionality that you have but we are making things more simple to understand and easier to locate in Tanda. We are replacing departments and roles […]

The dev team takes a break

11 May, 2016 Alex Ghiculescu

Last week I wanted to try something new, so I yanked our entire development team out of the office and threw them onto a ferry to Stradbroke Island. I had read about the idea of doing team retreats – complete with “team building”, trust falls, and other corny sounding topics – but I had a […]

New upgrades to Tanda leave management

28 April, 2016 Renée Mellish

Keeping track of multiple leave requests for your staff can be tricky, but with Tanda’s new leave management upgrade it’s simple. Watch the video below to see how it works… On May 9th 2016 we will be releasing a big upgrade to the way you can manage staff leave in Tanda. These updates will make […]

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