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Bright Ideas Paying Dividends for Budding Entrepreneurs

12 September, 2013 Tasmin Trezise

Four housemates, a bright idea and a client list that’s pushing towards triple figures six months after launch. Technology entrepreneurship is alive and well in Brisbane and software developer PayAus (Now, Tanda) is among the latest wave of shoe-stringers to find an untapped market niche. PayAus’s cloud-based rostering, sign-on and reporting program promises a low-cost […]

New from Tanda: Roster Taggings

21 August, 2013 Alex Ghiculescu

Ever wanted to add a location to a shift in a Tanda (PayAus) roster? Maybe you want to tag shifts for newbies, experienced staff, and managers. We’re super pleased to have rolled out our new roster tagging system. Using roster tags, you’re able to set up a set of colour codings that correspond to tags […]

An Abridged History of Time Clocks

15 June, 2013 Jake Phillpot

– 1888: William Bundy invents the first time clock. The first bottle of Bundaberg Rum is produced in the same year. – 1889: The Bundy Manufacturing Company begins mass producing time clocks. The terms “Bundy Clock” and “Bundy O’Clock” cause much confusion due to their similarity. – 1924: A conglomerate of businesses including the Bundy […]

Tanda Makes Staff Attendance Simple

13 June, 2013 Jake Phillpot

Check out our awesome new video! Tanda makes staff attendance simple.

New integrations: Attaché and Reckon

8 May, 2013 Alex Ghiculescu

We’re pleased to announce integrations with Attaché and Reckon (aka. QuickBooks/Quicken)! Integrating with even more accounting, payroll, and HR packages allows us to save even more of our customers’ time and money when gathering staff data and processing payroll. These integrations should be rolled out for all customers in the coming days. How do they […]

Sneaky New Feature: Get an SMS When Someone Arrives at Work

7 April, 2013 Alex Ghiculescu

We’ve all met Dave. Dave is “always on time” and “never calls in sick”, except when he knows his manager won’t be in the office and thus won’t be able to check on him. What can you do about Dave? Tanda (PayAus) can now send you an SMS when Dave clocks in to work! The […]


New From Tanda: Daily Roll Calls

10 March, 2013 Jake Phillpot

It’s 10:15 in the morning. Your weekly all hands meeting starts at 10:30, and you need a list of people who won’t be there. What do you do? If you don’t use Tanda (PayAus), maybe you’re lucky and have another system in place where staff clock in when they get to work. Chances are, it’s […]

Why are we doing this?

8 March, 2013 Tasmin Trezise

We decided to start Tanda (PayAus) because we believe that accurate employee data will become increasingly important for businesses of all sizes in the next 5 years. Not just so businesses can cut costs, but so they can make smarter decisions. The scalability of Tanda makes it possible for the smallest of businesses to monitor […]

Tanda Unveils Easy-to-Use Wage Easy Integration

6 March, 2013 Josh Cameron

We are pleased to announced that Tanda (PayAus) has full Wage Easy integration, a leading payroll and HR software system. Full integration allows you to use Tanda to track your staff’s attendance and manage their timesheets, and then export the data directly into Wage Easy, and your subsequent HR processes. How does it work? Well, they don’t call […]

Text Me Maybe: Share Your Rosters by SMS!

2 March, 2013 Jake Phillpot

Tanda’s (PayAus) roster management tools just got even more powerful, with the ability to send your staff their rosters by SMS, instantly. No more printing rosters out and making sure they don’t get lost, or trampled on, or wet. No more casuals calling up during the busiest time of the day to ask when their […]