Many managers are stuck in the back office. You have the Tanda App.

Frontline managers have always flourished in the frontline. So whether you’re customer-facing or remotely-working, manage your team away from the desk as effectively as you’d do behind it.

See Rostered Staff

Keep track of your team’s schedule from the Tanda App. It displays the same comprehensive roster data as the desktop roster.

Team Roster View - Tanda App
Live Feed on the Tanda App
See who's at work right now

Tap on Live Feed and instantly see who is clocked in, starting soon, on break, and late to work.

Get alerts on late staff or overtime risks

For managers, acting quickly requires up-to-date information. With Key Alerts enabled, instant notifications come to you whenever staff are late to clock in, late to clock out, have not clocked breaks, or are an overtime risk.

Late and Overtime Notifications - Tanda App
Collect valuable frontline information.

With Shift Feedback, you can keep an eye on team morale easily. From communication to management to staffing levels, get specific and actionable feedback from your staff. Submitted answers from employees remain anonymous — for more candid, truthful responses.

Every Shift Feedback answer is combined in a weekly email report. The submitted date, feedback topics, and comments are arranged by team. Shift Feedback reports are delivered straight into your inbox.

Shift Feedback on the Tanda App
Shift Replacements on the Tanda App
Manage shift swapping requests

Tanda’s Shift Replacement lets you make light work of swapping schedules. An employee who cannot work a shift can put it up for replacement. It’s your choice to approve or decline their request. Intuitive prompts allow you to see the shift and employee details, as well as best-fit replacements to help you make the right decision.

This feature depends on the way your account is set up. To turn it on, contact your account admin.
Shift Replacements (swapping) on the Tanda App
Editing shifts on the Tanda Mobile App
Make small but important changes on shifts

If you are anticipating changes throughout the week, you can change your roster quickly. Edit existing shifts straight in the mobile app. Modify the time, date, location, and team for that split-second response.


Contact Details page on the Tanda App
When you need to make sure they're coming in

Contact details built into rosters make it easier to contact your team. Get in touch with your staff if they are late for peak hour. Simply tap the shift card to call or SMS any rostered employee.


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