Payroll Integration

Tanda allows faster and more accurate payroll processing without the hassle of upgrading your current payroll system

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Half your payroll processing time with Tanda

Tanda collates your workforce data, timesheets, and pay rates to automatically and accurately calculate your employees' gross wages. Tanda then exports these award-interpreted timesheets directly into your current payroll software, ready to be processed on your next pay run.


Automatic & Error-free Data Entry

Eliminate double entry with Tanda and directly export accurate gross wage calculations into your payroll timesheet section, so you can pay your employees.

Automatic Pay Item Management

Tanda automatically matches your payroll items in your payroll software, making it easy to manage and track wage costs.

No Upgrades Needed

Ease the payroll headache without the hassle of system upgrades, expensive outlays, and cumbersome software by integrating Tanda to your existing payroll software.

Pay your employees right, everytime

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One Click Import

Import staff details from your payroll software into Tanda. Tanda automatically syncs staff data updates like birthdays or promotions, ensuring pay rates are always up-to-date.


Easy Export

Tanda exports timesheets, complete with gross wage calculations, directly to your payroll software in minutes, eliminating manual data entry.

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Pay Item Creation and Management

Tanda automatically matches payroll items in your payroll software, making it easy to track and manage wage costs.

POS data sync

Superannuation Payments

Tanda interprets superannuation by separating ordinary and non-ordinary hours, and identifies in the payroll software which hours require superannuation payment.

costed rosters

Gross Wage Calculation

Tanda's robust award interpreter automatically breaks down your employees timesheets, calculating each employee's gross wages, saving you time and reducing errors.

roster templates

Award Templates

Tanda’s award templates are automatically updated in accordance with Fair Work updates. Tanda also updates your employees' base pay rates respective of birthdays and promotions.

Integrate Tanda with systems you already use

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Integrate Tanda with systems you already use

What people think about using Tanda

"Great tool to manage
[schedule] and payroll."

Saved a lot of money in payroll, [and] saved a lot of time from my managers and payroll officer. [It] simplified [our] payroll process, [and] updated our timesheet procedures to a more effective system.

Joel P.
Station Manager
"The time clock
is the best I've seen."

I no longer have to worry about keeping track of employee [timesheets]. [Tanda provides] ease of mind, [by] not having to deal with time cards and sheets. This system locks up the time in and out so it can't be cheated

David L.