Live Wage Tracker™

The magic numbers you need to run the business from the frontline. Know your exact wage spend LIVE and compare to roster budget, sales, foot traffic, weather or any other demand.


Ensure your team is equipped to cater business demands with live wage data


Compare rostered and actual data
Pinpoint discrepancies easily and make better decisions based on real-time numbers

View staff levels on the go
Make better staffing decisions by keeping an eye on your bottomline


See exactly how you can improve your staffing
No more over- and under-staffing with our accurate rostering and cost tracking

React quickly, often, and confidently

Having optimal staff levels at all times means...

Happy customers

Always roster the right amount of staff to maintain an excellent experience for your customers

Engaged staff

Staff won't be overworked or under-utilised with data-based rostering

Stable profits

Keep track of real-time costs and ensure that your business is spending money more efficiently

See the present. Change the future.

Live Insights POS data

Integrate your POS system with Live Insights to get real-time sales data all in one place. Learn More


Integrate your demand data and see the big picture