Introducing Live Wage Tracker™

See the present.
Change the future.

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Accurate staffing is usually guesswork.

Send someone home? Call someone in? A lot of factors can influence how your business does throughout the day. Adjusting to these changes is essential for successful management.

Now, it's real-time certainty.

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Don’t wait for end-of-day reports.
Make multiple staffing decisions throughout the day with confidence.

React quickly, often, and confidently.

Having optimal staff levels at all times means...


Happy customers

There's enough staff to maintain an excellent customer experience.


Engaged staff

Staff are not overworked or under-utilised.


Stable profits

Have confidence that you're not spending more than you need.

Live wage data. Ensure your team is equipped to cater for demand.

5L-rostered vs actual
5-rostered vs actual2

Compare rostered and actual data

Pinpoint the discrepancies accurately.

5L-staff levels
5-staff levels2

View staff levels on the go.

So you can keep an eye on your bottomline.

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5-call lisa2

See exactly how you can improve your staffing.

Avoid over- or under-staffing.

Coming soon: Demand Tracker

Integrate your demand data and see the big picture.

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6-data stream2

Sales, foot traffic, or any data stream. And as many as you want.

6-wage %
6-wage %

See your Wage % or SPMH and keep hitting those KPIs.

6-demand vs actual
6-demand vs actual

Track your current demand compared to predicted.