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Tanda’s Employee Time Clock app uses electronic clock in with photo verification, so you can be sure that the correct staff are clocking in at the right time.

Employee Time Clock App

Stop time theft and monitor your employees' time & attendance.

Tanda’s Time Clock app live streams employee clock ins, making it easy to track employee time and attendance. All data is stored in the system, and transferred automatically to timesheets, so you’ve always got a record of when staff are working.

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Rostered hours

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Who's in Today?

Use Tanda’s clock in selfie to know that you’ve got the right person for the job. View staff photos, clock in and clock out times through the dashboard to eliminate buddy clock ins between employees. Managers can also check the roster through the time clock to see who’s working each day.

Reliable & Accurate

Tanda’s Employee Time Clock app is the most the reliable way to track employee time & attendance. The data provides electronic records that are easily accessible for compliance reasons. Photo verified clock ins and numerous failsafes to ensure your data is always recorded and stored securely.

The staff are definitely a lot more punctual."

Blaine, Venue Manager at Beach House Bar & Grill

"the best solution we found for staff time tracking"

Stop time theft in your business by getting the Tanda Employee Time Clock on iPad for Android devices and track staff shifts to the minute!

Clock in selfie & Passcode

Tanda’s clock in selfie and unique passcode ensures that you’ve got the right person for the right job. It reduces time theft by eliminating staff clocking in for each other and incomplete paper timesheets.

Populate timesheets automatically

Clock in and out data is automatically collected to populate employee timesheets so you can be sure that you’re always paying staff for the hours they actually work.

Clock in anywhere

Tanda’s Time Clock app connects to Wifi, to let staff clock in through the time clock, or through the web-browser time clock. With Tanda you can trust staff to clock in on time, no matter where they are.

Works on any device

Tanda’s Time Clock app is designed specifically for tablet devices, including: iOS (iPad) and Android tablets, and the Albert© EFTPOS tablet. Tanda gives you greater accessibility to track employee attendance all from one device.

Cached Data

Clock in data is saved to the device in the event that the device is disconnected from the Tanda System. Data is transferred to the Tanda system when connection is restored, ensuring that staff hours are always accounted for.

Live Feed

Use Tanda’s live feed feature to see who’s clocking into work as they arrive, letting you know who’s on-site and at what time. Tanda gives you the peace of mind that the right people are there, even if you can’t be there to check.

Timestamped to Perfection

Record employee timestamps accurately every time, with Tanda’s electronic clock in. Timesheet rounding fairly rounds all employee timestamps within the appropriate timeframes that you set, so you correctly pay staff for what they work.

Timesheet vs Roster

Tanda’s smart design software can quickly compare staff clock in data with the weekly roster, to ensure that staff hours are always corresponding with the rostered hours. Managers are then alerted of any unrostered changes that may have occurred during the week.

Easy Staff Communication

Inform staff of shift details easily and quickly through the time clock shift cards. For example, let staff know at the start of the shift if they are closing the store that shift. Or alternatively, let staff know when they clock out if they’re on closing or cleaning duties for future shifts.

"We can see the exact time they clock in and out!"


"It was a huge change from paper to a device. But now we have a time clock for each venue & all the info comes straight to head office. It's a wonderful system that staff use to clock in and out and works with our payroll system to do the wages more efficiently."

Bianca Pearson
rawGROUP Hospitality


"It was a minimal transition from a paper-based system to Tanda. It's quick to enrol staff and easy to use. Our employees especially like to use the historical information on the employee portal where they can view their old timesheets."

Ilan Hayman
Dr Lanzer

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