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Weekly evaluation of over 275,000 pay rules

Focus resources and build your intelligence with cognitive, self learning workforce pay algorithms.

Access to our dynamic industry award pay rule database

Your payroll programmatically configured

A simplification of complex pay infrastructure

Intelligent pay run creation

Put your payroll on autopilot

Optimal payroll setup

We collect constant feedback from 1000’s of users to understand industry best practice and optimal payroll setup. We use smart algorithms to interpret legislative changes, complex agreements, pay scales and other industry rules to turn this information into a very smart payroll management framework.

Automatic payroll management

When you connect our payroll manager service to your existing systems, our algorithms reconfigure your payroll infrastructure to implement industry best practice and optimise for your industry.
This includes creating pay items and allowances.

No more admin

Your payroll duties are completed by our algorithms on a weekly basis automatically.

Accurate & Compliant

Your payroll infrastructure stays up-to-date with our constantly updated best-practice framework and updates itself when your staff employment conditions change (eg. birthdays, qualifications etc).

Enjoy Compliance Comfort

Have peace of mind with our industry pay logic and algorithms sourced from the best practice of 1000+ workforces. Cognitive Payroll™ self responds to internal (birthdays, roles etc) and external (legislation) pay rate changes and gives oversight to all pay calculation decisions.

Watch the Magic Happen

No more data entry. Cognitive Payroll™ connects to existing payroll infrastructure (MYOB, Xero etc) and controls it using our proprietary live, self updating, database of pay rules. Pay rate updates are configured automatically when your pay runs are created by Cognitive Payroll™.

Workforce Benefits

Learns from best practice, responds to legislation and updates its logic in real time

Knows exactly what people should be paid for the work that they do, as it happens

Access to a trained team to help you customise and implement Cognitive Payroll™

Draws on our proprietary database of industry award rules

Simplified complex pay infrastructure

Configure your payroll programmatically

Crowd sourced from payroll best practice

Calculate rates as they happen

Updates rates from external and internal changes (legislative, birthdays, roles etc)

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