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Forging the Workforce of the Future: Can you increase employee attendance?

John is 5 minutes late for work every day while his colleague Martha is late for 30 minutes once a week. Do these late clock ins really matter? For many businesses, they do. In shift work industries and frontline roles, frequent tardiness can mean disruption and loss of profit. Even just 10 minutes of being […]

Forging the Workforce of the Future: Can you reduce the turnover rate?

Are employees leaving faster than you can recruit them? You might not be alone. Consulting firm Robert Half found that in 2018, more than 67% of Australian employers say the turnover rate has risen in the past 3 years. In fact, the average turnover rate is 15% every year. Turnover occurs when an employee chooses […]

Xero joins the Workforce Success Conference as Event Partner

QLD, Australia — Tanda today announced Xero as an Event Partner and Silver Sponsor for the 2019 Workforce Success Conference to be held 26 July in Brisbane, Australia. Xero is among the world’s best accounting software with more than 1.5 million subscribers and 16,000 partners worldwide. As a technology company using cloud-based systems to provide […]

Steve Baxter’s 5 Tips on How to Grow a Startup

“There’s lots to be excited about, startups are full of typically young, very talented people trying to solve big problems,” says Steve Baxter, one of Australia’s most successful tech entrepreneurs. With a background in everything from the Australian Army to Google, Steve is now an active investor and mentor to startups. In 2012, he founded […]

Tanda partners with Aurion for Workforce Success

QLD, Australia — Tanda is proud to announce Aurion People & Payroll Solutions as the Platinum Sponsor of the 2019 Workforce Success Conference to be held this 26th July. The annual event organised by Tanda is entering its second year, following the inaugural conference in 2018. The previous conference, held on the Gold Coast, attracted over 280 business owners, managers, […]

ICYMI: What went down at Workplace by Facebook’s first-ever Manila Hackathon

Last Nov 9-10, we at Tanda successfully held our first-ever Hackathon collab with Workplace by Facebook. The 2-day event, held in Facebook’s Manila office, brought students and professionals together to compete on making the coolest and most innovative concept integrating the two platforms — Tanda and Workplace by Facebook. The short program started with an […]

What actually happens at a Tanda Hackathon?

Every year we run a Tanda hackathon. Actually, that’s a lie — this year we’ve already done one in Manila, but we’re now gearing up for our Brisbane one, which should be even bigger. Anyway, an integral part of organising a hackathon is people asking you what actually happens at one. In this post, I will answer that […]

Things I Learned at our First Tanda Hackathon in Manila

On 28th-29th July, we hosted our third ever Tanda Hackathon — our first at our Manila office. Coming into a different country with a different culture, I wasn’t sure how well our famous “Biggest Hackathon in Brisbane” would translate. This is the story of how I went from nervous to ecstatic in a span of […]

Tanda announces Global Partnership with AEVI

Tanda has announced a partnership with international technology company AEVI. The partnership will bring Tanda’s market leading workforce management solution to AEVI’s Global Marketplace for smart Point of Sale (SmartPOS) devices. This will revolutionise how merchants and business owners run and manage their business. Australia has some of the most complicated labour laws in the […]

Public Service Announcement: Fair Work Crackdown

The recent spate of Fair Work crackdowns has increased concern for small business owners, as the severity and prevalence of non-compliance and underpayment continues to increase. Fair Work recently imposed a $143,000 penalty against a Brisbane Business Owner and his former internal Payroll and Account Manager, after it was uncovered that they had deliberately underpaid […]

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