Split wage costs across your Profit & Loss

Stop running manual journals and ad-hoc reports every month. Let Tanda make your accounting systems P & L useful and accurate.

Different departments? Split employment costs across them, fast.

Compare the profitability of each section of your business in the default profit and loss in your accounting software.

For Managers

Map each team to the account code their costs belong to.

Approve ones timesheets for the week and hand over to payroll for export.

Check out the default P & L in your accounting system. Wages will be allocated across your various wage accounts.

For Payroll

Tanda maintains a single set of Pay Items/Wage categories in your payroll system for you.

Export your timesheets from Tanda via your payroll integration.

Return to Tanda, run the allocation. Tanda does the rest in less than a minute.


Stop flying blind with reports that you can't rely on

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