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Tanda’s Leave Management system is the paperless and effortless way to submit, approve and track employee leave.


Traditionally businesses would manage their staff leave with a shared diary or whiteboard. Not only is this an inefficient process, but it can create a lot of issues around a lack of communication and approval process. Managers don’t know how much leave staff have accrued, and how much it’s going to cost their business without talking to Payroll first.

Managing leave in Tanda, solves these problems and creates a clear line of communication between managers and employees, as well as creating a secure history of all leave to be accessed when you need it.

Staff can now request leave right from their mobile or computer in minutes, and this request is sent straight to Tanda where it’s approved or declined by managers. This outcome is then sent to staff via email.

Managers can make more informed rostering decisions, because Tanda knows when staff have leave booked, and will make sure staff don’t get rostered on in these times. Also, because Tanda knows when your staff are on leave, these costs are factored into your total roster costing. When you export your timesheets for the week, the leave will be exported straight to payroll along with the other shifts for that week, saving your payroll managers hours of time chasing up leave forms.

All of these benefits focus on one key thing, everything is in an easy to access location for staff members, team managers and payroll managers whenever they need it. Tanda is your one stop shop for workforce management tools, and leave is a key part of this.

If you’re interested to find out more about how we manage leave in Tanda, please visit our website.