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Join Nadia as she explores the Tanda system and how to use the Tanda rostering software. Learn how to create a shift, create roster templates and manage staff unavailability.


Hi I’m Nadia and I’m the Business Solutions Manager here at Tanda. Today, I’ll be taking you through Tanda, and how you can partner with us to get the most from your workforce.

Tanda is a complete Rostering solution that integrates seamlessly with Time and Attendance, Leave Management, and Award Interpretation.

To create a shift either type in a name or chose to create a vacant shift. You will be able to enter times into the shift and select the staff member you wish to work. Next, select the team the staff member is working in for the shift. Now to speed up this process we can copy and paste shifts using the pencil icon, or using Crtl + C and Ctrl + V. If you’ve got a last minute change and need to change a shift, just use the easy drag and drop feature to switch the shifts around in seconds.

Once you’ve found a roster that works for your business, you can use it to create templates for future rosters. The template will be applied instantly, and allows you to add in additional shifts as necessary. This means that you can use the template for week to week rostering, but then extend it for the odd week that requires more staff, for example if there’s a sporting grand final or function on.

When creating shifts, you may notice a small red box in the bottom right hand corner of a shift. This indicates that there is a clash, which can be from another shift at the same time, staff working beyond their preferred hours or days, leave, and unavailability. You can still choose to override the alert and send the roster to staff, but the notification will let you know ahead of the shift if there might be an issue.

Knowing when staff are available to work can be one of the biggest rostering headaches business owners have. Tanda lets you know who’s available to work and when. You can check staff availability by going to “Tools” and then “View staff unavailability”. Once here you will be able to add in staff unavailability, and view any unavailability that staff have entered themselves. You can also create once off unavailabilities, or recurring unavailabilities.

Tanda provides you with exclusive tools to manage and explore your rostering, including our roster views and filters. This means you can view a breakdown staff times and numbers to see who’s working that week, or even on a specific day. You can view the roster via the staff member, to see their total hours and a breakdown of the labour costs from our Award Engine. This is a great tool for keeping track of individual staffing costs, as well as overall staffing costs. You can view the overall roster cost in the top right of the roster for an accurate estimate of wage costs to the cent. So you always know the cost of your roster, even before anyone starts clocking in.

Within each of these views, you are able to toggle the filters on and off for different locations, teams, and employment types. This allows you to manage the roster between different stores, different teams, and between your full time, part time, and casual staff, all from one location.

Once you’re happy with your roster, you can simply “Click send to staff” to let staff know when they’re working next. Choose which staff you want to send it to, and whether you want to send the roster via email, mobile or both. Staff will receive a text or email with their upcoming roster, so they always know when they’re next working. You can also print the roster and download it to Excel format for the lunch room, as another way to remind staff.

If you have any questions about rosters, please don’t hesitate to contact us.