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David Goodwin is an Owner and Director of Interport Cargo, one of Brisbane's largest shipping companies. He uses Tanda to keep track of his workforce across multiple warehouse locations.


Hi I’m one of the Directors of Interport Cargo, one of the Owners. It’s a long established business in the Brisbane marketplace. There’s a whole range of freight and shipping type of customers off the wharves in Brisbane. Probably the oldest, longest established business on Brisbane port. It started in 1960, so 54 years young this year and always looking to do things different.

To be honest before Tanda, I think we just had basic manual timesheets. People would sign in, sign out. And then every week, they seem to be transferred into an excel spreadsheet aggregated through and then imported into MYOB. So it’s quite a manual process and certainly we realised that we need to evolve from.

So probably at the time that we started and get involved from Tanda. We actually started in multiple locations as well. And I think having Tanda as part of the business is actually been able to allow us to actually manage not just the processing the pays, but actually process, actually manage the people. Who’s turned up when? When are we short of staff? We get alerts and actually it’s become more of a business tool rather than just a timesheet. Probably for me as a business owner, it’s that I can actually manage and have a snapshot and reporting around what’s happening in my personnel and in our people. I think that’s very useful and you can sort of start and manage by exception.

You can customise the things that you need to see. I’m not involved in processing the pays every week and I like to see things are automated to me. I get daily reports and I get weekly reports and that’s how we manage our business. When everybody comes in, everybody is used to smartphones, everyone’s used to tapping things into gadgets. And I think if anything it’s probably easier than finding your name in long list of names. It’s stopped little things like people writing in, you know comments on timesheets and these sorts of things. I think it’s generally been positive, very easily implemented. And probably as often as not if your business owner, no news is generally good news when it comes to these things. In terms of products on the market, it’s a great product and it’s been very easily implemented. Its adapted to what are existing systems. It’s taken out a lot of manual processing and it’s given us visibility so yeah, I’ll definitely recommend.