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Join Nadia as she explores the Tanda system and how you can get started with your Tanda account, from importing your staff to organising your teams and locations.


“Hi I’m Nadia and I’m the Business Solutions Manager here at Tanda. Today, I’ll be taking you through Tanda, and how you can partner with us to get the most from your workforce. Firstly, let’s get started.

Once you’ve signed up from your trial account, the first step is to set up your locations and teams. Setting up your teams and locations in Tanda is a great way to organise your workforce, and to break down workforce reporting to locations and specific teams.

At the moment, I’m just setting up locations. I can enter the location name, a short code for rostering, and the address of the business. This is really handy if you’ve got multiple restaurants or business locations, and you want to keep track of them all in one place.

Now we’re going to add teams to these locations. Teams are easy to break down the types of groups that work in the business, and organise which area staff will be working in for their shift. For example this is a hospitality business, so I am creating teams for the Front of House, the Back of House and the Bar. Naming and colour coding the teams makes it easy to see at a glance the different teams on the roster.

Before we start rostering however, we need to import the staff into Tanda. We can import the staff into Tanda in a few different ways. The fastest and easiest way is to import the staff directly from your payroll system, or an Excel CSV file. So after making sure that all the staff data is correct including mobile numbers and email addresses, you can log in you your payroll system and authorise the import. This will automatically begin importing staff into Tanda. Alternatively, you can add staff individually into Tanda. This is a great way if you have new team members starting but don’t need to import every staff member across again.

Once we’ve got all the staff in Tanda, we can assign staff into the teams that we’re working in. You can add staff to multiple teams and set a default team for the area they usually work in. So you might have staff that work Front of the House primarily but occasionally working in the bar. In Tanda, you can set the default team to Front of House and add them into the Bar Team as well for those occasional shifts. You can also set permission levels for each employee to determine the appropriate access level into Tanda. So you can allocate Managers, Admin, and Payroll Permissions to determine what each person sees when they log in.

Now that the staff is in the system, we are able to invite them to Tanda. You can do this by going to “Tools”, send Tanda info to staff, and select the staff members you wish to invite. Then click, ‘Send an email’ and ‘Text message’. This send staff their passcode to clock in and out as well as a link to unavailability app, so they can submit it electronically themselves.

We’re almost finish setting up, the final thing to do is to set up Award Interpretation. Tanda has a long list of pre-built award templates that can be automatically applied. To do this, go to payroll, and then payroll manager. Click to enable awards you are on and add staff to the award. If you can’t see your award here, or you are an Enterprise Agreement, please contact us so we can build your rates to Tanda.

If you have any questions about getting started, please don’t hesitate to contact us.